SVGGraph 2.23.1


This version of SVGGraph mainly fixes a few bugs, but I have added one new option too. It doesn't do anything visual, so there is no example graph to show for it.

The new option is datetime_key_format, for use with the datetime_keys option added in version 2.23. This new option allows you to specify a format for parsing your keys instead of relying on PHP recognising the format. The format string is described on this PHP manual page: DateTime::createFromFormat.

The first of the bugs fixed in this version is also related to the datetime_keys option, solving a nasty error when using multiple dataset graphs without structured data.

The other bugs are a bit more obscure. The legend_autohide option was failing when used without any other Javascript options (because a required Javascript function was not being added). Radar graphs were erroring out when provided with dual-Y axis options (which are unsupported anyway). Per-dataset stroke_width options were failing when one of the widths was 0.

Finally, the last bug was in using using structured data with the default structure, an integer key field and values with string keys. It's hard to explain the bug, but it was easy to fix.

I found a few of these bugs while working on the new documentation for the options. It's not ready yet, but I'm hoping to get it finished in the next couple of weeks. There are more options than I thought so it is taking me a long time to work through them, figuring out what they do, tagging and cross-referencing them. I'm also checking that they work, which is taking even more time.

The new version is available from the downloads page, or from GitHub, or using Composer.

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