SVGGraph 2.24


SVGGraph 2.24 is one of those releases that doesn't look like much, but took ages anyway. The most obvious change in this version is the addition of the SemiDonutGraph graph type, which looks like this:

SemiDonutGraph using “keep_colour_order” option

It's just half a donut graph, really. The code of the SemiDonutGraph is very simple and mostly relies upon setting a new option added for all pie graphs called end_angle, which tells SVGGraph where the circle should end. There is another option to go with it, slice_fit which is enabled by default and positions the partial pie graph so that it is scaled to fit the available space.

There is another new option for pie graphs called keep_colour_order which assigns colours to the pie slices in the original order they appear in the data instead of the order they are drawn in the pie. It is disabled by default, but it is handy for assigning specific colours to the pie slices without having to use structured data. The example above is using it with this code:

$settings = array(
  // there are more options than this set...
  'keep_colour_order' => true,
$values = array(
  '#ff66cc' => 10,
  '#ffffcc' => 40,
  '#ffccff' => 50,
  '#ccffcc' => 90,
  '#ccccff' => 20,
  '#ccffff' => 30,
$colours = array_keys($values);
$graph = new SVGGraph(680, 200, $settings);

There are two new options for marker styling, marker_opacity and marker_angle. They work in all the usual ways, as single values or arrays and as structured data options. The marker_type option now supports using a snippet of SVG code as a marker too.

The Javascript crosshairs have been improved so that the coordinates box now displays associative keys or date/time values when relevant. The coordinates class now supports using associative keys for grid values when specifying the position of shapes and custom labels.

The FetchJavascript function can now be called statically, for example:

$script = SVGGraph::FetchJavascript();

This means that you can fetch the Javascript code for however many instances of SVGGraph there have been without needing to keep a variable around. The old way still works as well.

There are a few fixes in this version: the minify_js option now supports anonymous callback functions. There was an error when an array of guidelines was used, but only containing a single guideline array. The bar_total_outline_colour option was not working on horizontal stacked graphs. There was a Javascript error in legend_autohide when the tooltips were disabled. The order of the legend was incorrect for graphs with multiple datasets starting at different key values.

The new version is available from the downloads page, or from GitHub, or using Composer.

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