SVGGraph 2.24.1


SVGGraph 2.24.1 exists to release some changes I have made over the last few months while I have been concentrating on other projects. The main change in this version is the addition of a StackedBarAndLineGraph to go with the existing BarAndLineGraph:


The StackedBarAndLineGraph supports all the usual options for stacked bar graphs and multi-line graphs, with one exception: the dataset_axis option can only be used to put line datasets on the second axis. This is because bars stacked on top of each other must use the same scale or the graph will not make sense.

The way that data labels handle 0 values on the various type of bar graph has been changed: 0 values are now labelled by default, where before they were not drawn and could not be labelled. It you don't want 0-value bars labelled there is an additional data_label_filter option, “nonzero”, which you can use to filter them out, or you can set your own callback function to return NULL when the value is 0.

Guidelines drawn against the X-axis can now be positioned using associative array keys or datetime values (when the X-axis uses one of those data types). There are still more places in the code where I need to add key / datetime support, but I'm getting there gradually.

There are a couple of bugs fixed: the axis text callback was being called with floats instead of integers for associative data, and BarAndLineGraph bars could be positioned incorrectly when there were NULL values in the data.

The new version is available from the downloads page.

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