JPEG Saver 4.20


As I said when I released the 64-bit TrayBlank 1.9.1, I really wanted to release a 64-bit version of JPEG Saver. So here it is, along with the 32-bit version and both of them packaged up in .msi installer files created using the WiX toolset.

I suggest uninstalling the previous version before installing this one. It won't actually break anything if you don't, but you'll be left with the uninstaller from the earlier version hanging around on your machine.

As for actual changes in this version, there isn't much. I've made the style editor dialog resizeable so you can actually see the text preview when you are using really big fonts, and I've updated the list of built-in presets to include filters for files created in 2017 and 2018. To help use that, I've added another button to the filters dialog to reset the presets to the defaults list (otherwise JPEG Saver uses the list saved with the config file).

There are a couple of small bugs fixed in this version and a few internal updates, but not much worth writing home about. I really just wanted to get the 64-bit version done and released before moving onto anything more complicated.

As a final note, it is now February 2018, and version 1.0 of JPEG Saver was released in February 2000. That's 18 years. There should be cake or something.

The new installers are available from the downloads page.

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