SVGGraph 2.27


Every now and then I receive an email from someone wanting to do something a bit unusual with SVGGraph. My first response is to try to figure out if it is already possible, and then if it isn't I have to decide if it is something that anyone else will ever want to do. Version 2.27 contains a couple of new features that might not get used very much.

Shapes on line graphs

But is it art?

The first of these new features comes in the form of a pair of new options for the line and multi-line graphs*. The line_figure option allows line graphs to draw shapes, and the line_figure_closed option closes the shape. The options don't do much to change how the line graphs are drawn, they mostly reduce the validation of the data - repeated keys are allowed and the data will remain in the order it is provided.

The fill_under option fills the inside of the shape instead of the area between the shape and the X-axis, but apart from that it should behave like any other line graph.

Multiple Y-axes

Correlating sales numbers and weight: not recommended

The second new feature is multiple Y-axes. SVGGraph has supported two Y-axes for some time, so to use more than two you can use the existing dataset_axis option specifying numbers greater than 1 for the extra axes. I've added one new option to go with it, axis_space, for adding extra space in between the axes.

Other stuff

Not much else has changed in this version - bubble graphs now support best-fit lines, and I've fixed a couple of bugs. The Javascript crosshairs could remain behind on the SVG document when the cursor was moved out of it, and the stacked grouped 3D bar and cylinder graphs were drawn incorrectly when all of their values were negative.

The new version is available from the downloads page, or from GitHub, etc.

* The line_figure options work on the radar graphs too, but I can't imagine anyone wanting to use them there.

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