JPEG Saver 5.1


JPEG Saver 5.1 is a fairly small update to version 5.0, but it does include a couple of important changes. The first of these is the replacement of JasPer with OpenJPEG. These are two different software libraries for handling JPEG 2000 images, which is still a fairly obscure format even after all these years.

If you are using JPEG 2000 images, JPEG Saver should now be able to load them a bit better. OpenJPEG actually supports loading some quite unusual images, but I didn't attempt to support them in JPEG Saver because I would have first had to figure out a way to produce the weird images for testing. So if you have some JPEG 2000 images that JPEG Saver refuses to load, please get in touch and I'll see if I can get them working.

The other quite large change is to how transitions work. It shouldn't really be noticeable in the screensaver, but internally the transitions now use a much more flexible way of deciding what happens when. This should allow for more complicated transitions in future versions.

While we're talking about transitions, there are two new ones added to version 5.1. The “Stack” transition is the one I mentioned in my previous news item when I couldn't think of a name for it, and the “Scattered” transition is similar, but with fewer instances and more random scattering. I won't bother trying to explain what they look like, but I quite like them.

I've also made improvements to the explode family of transitions, “Explode”, “Fall Off”, “Heavy Explode” and “Implode”, moving more of the processing into the shader code. This should make the animation a lot smoother where there are loads of chunks flying around the screen.

I have also put some work into the database code, so that should be a bit more efficient. You're not likely to notice much difference there though, because SQLite does all the hard work anyway.

Finally, there is one notable bug fixed. The “Finding images…” text was not fading out if it was visible when the first image was displayed.

The new version is available in 64 and 32 bit flavours from the downloads page.

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