JPEG Saver 5.1.1


As you can probably guess from the 0.0.1 added to the version number, this is a bugfix release. There are a few annoying bugs fixed in this version though.

First, a crash when using the shape skip option with multiple displays and the secondary displays set to not show any images. That one was easy to fix, and so was a bug preventing the screensaver from automatically progressing through the images when the secondary screens were set to show the previous image.

More complicated was an unrelated but similar bug that sometimes meant that JPEG Saver would not automatically progress through the images, and sometimes not even show the first one.

I was informed of the next bug by someone on twitter: filtering by tag using the “!=” operator was excluding not only images that used the tag but also images that were not tagged at all. Fixing this meant replacing a join with a subquery in the SQL code, which handily also makes the code easier to understand. While fixing this one I noticed the filter display was not updating when I edited the filter, so I fixed that too.

Finally, I have made some changes to how JPEG Saver deals with screen modes. The way DirectX 11 handles them is completely different to how DirectX 9 did it, so I went through changing all the old screen mode code to reflect the new way better. It's still anyone's guess if you're actually going to get the mode you asked for, but at least it should be saving and loading them properly now.

...And if you have multiple monitors and want to use the screen mode option, I wouldn't recommend it. I've spent quite a while trying to figure it out, but sometimes it works fine, sometimes the second screen appears on top of the primary screen, and sometimes the secondary screen is half-on and half-off the primary screen. I'm not convinced it is even changing the screen mode, just randomly moving windows around to make it look like it is doing something. I may come back to this when I'm less annoyed by it.

As per usual, the new versions are available from the downloads page.

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