SVGGraph 2.29


SVGGraph 2.29 is another version that mostly changes thing internally, but there are a few more visible changes too. The most obvious change should be apparent in the example below.

Box division style

Thinking inside the box

Both division_style and subdivision_style (and their _h and _v variants) now support a new style called "box". The Y axis in the bar graph shows how they behave with this new style when the labels are at the division marks, and the X axis shows what happens when the labels are between the marks (usually for bars) - the box is drawn around the label instead of inside it. I have used the subdivision_h option set to 0.5 to enable subdivisions on the X axis so you can see what they look like - they would not normally be displayed.

For the other changes visible on this graph you will have to right-click on it. If you right-click on a bar you will get a popup context menu with the bar details and some links. If you click on the background you will get a fallback menu with some text and a link in it. There are a whole load of options added to this version for configuring the context menus, which you can find in the options index. The contents of the menu can be set globally using the context_global option, or per-item using context_callback or structured data.

Finally, the internal changes that I mentioned at the start. The most far-reaching change was to amalgamate two functions that were used for determining alternative and per-dataset options into one function that does it all. So if you are the sort of person who likes to play with the code, GetFirst() and ArrayOption() are now GetOption(). The other major change was to the GridGraph class, moving the axis measuring and drawing code out into new DisplayAxis classes.

The new version is available from the downloads page, or from GitHub / Packagist.

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