JPEG Saver 5.2


JPEG Saver 5.2 is one of those versions that doesn't really look any different from the outside. On the inside there have been some important changes, making some existing things more stable and making some things that are still on my to-do list possible.

There are some visible updates - I've made a couple of simple changes in the dialogs that make it a bit easier to use. In the background and style editor dialogs where there are two colours I've added a button in between to swap them over. This also works in the background dialog when using a mode where only one colour is enabled, allowing you to flip between two colour options.

The folders list now shows the number of enabled folders at the top as well as the total number of folders in the list. This is especially useful for me, since I have a long list of folders that I turn on and off for testing different file types, EXIF and IPTC data, automatic rotation, etc.

The big internal change is to how messages are sent between some of the threads. Windows has a huge variety of methods for sending messages around, and I've changed from using a method that was too simple for what I was doing to one that seemed totally irrelevant - until I read through the developer manuals and found it did exactly what I wanted. The main place I wanted this was in the 3D renderer, but it made the loading and resizing threads simpler too.

There are some more small internal changes - updates to how JPEG Saver deals with errors, some performance improvements and a couple of possible bugs fixed. By "possible bugs," I mean it might have been possible for the IPTC and EXIF parsers to display incorrect information under some circumstances. It was easier for me to fix it than it would have been to figure out if it could actually happen.

The new version is available from the downloads page.

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