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This page lists all the options currently available for use in the SVGGraph constructor's $settings array. The lists of graph types and tags can be used to filter the list of options, and each option name is a link to a page with further details about the option.

Graph type support: Bar3DGraph BarAndLineGraph BarGraph BoxAndWhiskerGraph BubbleGraph CylinderGraph DonutGraph ExplodedPie3DGraph ExplodedPieGraph FloatingBarGraph GroupedBar3DGraph GroupedBarGraph GroupedCylinderGraph Histogram HorizontalBarGraph HorizontalFloatingBarGraph HorizontalGroupedBarGraph HorizontalStackedBarGraph LineGraph MultiLineGraph MultiRadarGraph MultiScatterGraph Pie3DGraph PieGraph PolarArea3DGraph PolarAreaGraph PopulationPyramid RadarGraph ScatterGraph SemiDonutGraph StackedBar3DGraph StackedBarAndLineGraph StackedBarGraph StackedCylinderGraph StackedGroupedBar3DGraph StackedGroupedBarGraph StackedGroupedCylinderGraph StackedLineGraph

Tags: 3D axis background bar best-fit border bubble callback compatibility crosshairs datetime deprecated donut font global grid grouped guideline histogram image javascript label legend line marker multi-axis padding pie radar scatter stacked structure target title tooltip trend

52 options with tag javascript:

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Option Default Summary
compat_events false Set to true to fall back to inline event handlers, required by Adobe IE plugin.
crosshairs false Enables Javascript crosshairs.
crosshairs_colour "black" Colour of crosshairs.
crosshairs_colour_h NULL Colour of horizontal crosshair.
crosshairs_colour_v NULL Colour of vertical crosshair.
crosshairs_dash NULL Dash pattern for crosshairs.
crosshairs_dash_h NULL Dash pattern for horizontal crosshair.
crosshairs_dash_v NULL Dash pattern for vertical crosshair.
crosshairs_opacity 1 Opacity of crosshairs.
crosshairs_opacity_h NULL Opacity of horizontal crosshair.
crosshairs_opacity_v NULL Opacity of vertical crosshair.
crosshairs_show_h true Show horizontal crosshair line.
crosshairs_show_text true Show coordinates with crosshairs.
crosshairs_show_v true Show vertical crosshair line.
crosshairs_stroke_width 1 Thickness of crosshairs.
crosshairs_stroke_width_h NULL Thickness of horizontal crosshair.
crosshairs_stroke_width_v NULL Thickness of vertical crosshair.
crosshairs_text_back_colour "#fc0" Colour of coordinates box background.
crosshairs_text_colour "black" Colour of coordinates text.
crosshairs_text_font "Courier" Font for coordinates.
crosshairs_text_font_size 10 Font size for coordinates.
crosshairs_text_font_weight "normal" Font weight for coordinates.
crosshairs_text_padding 1 Padding inside coordinates box.
crosshairs_text_precision_h NULL Horizontal coordinate precision.
crosshairs_text_precision_v NULL Vertical coordinate precision.
crosshairs_text_round 0 Border radius for coordinates box.
crosshairs_text_space 3 Distance between coordinates and crosshairs.
crosshairs_text_stroke_width NULL Thickness of box around coordinates.
data_label_click false Enables click-to-show/hide for data labels.
data_label_fade_in_speed 0 Fade in speed for data labels.
data_label_fade_out_speed 0 Fade out speed for data labels.
data_label_popfront false Enables pop-to-front for data labels.
legend_autohide false Makes the legend hide when the cursor is over it.
legend_draggable true Makes the legend draggable with the mouse.
minify_js NULL Callback function for minifying Javascript code.
semantic_classes false Adds classes to various elements.
show_tooltips true Enables display of tooltips over bars, pie slices, markers.
tooltip_back_colour "#ffffcc" Tooltip rectangle background colour.
tooltip_callback NULL Callback function for formatting tooltip text.
tooltip_colour "black" Tooltip text/border colour.
tooltip_font "sans-serif" Font for tooltips.
tooltip_font_size 10 Tooltip font size.
tooltip_font_weight "normal" Tooltip font weight.
tooltip_offset 10 Distance between cursor and tooltip.
tooltip_padding 3 Tooltip rectangle padding.
tooltip_round 0 Radius of rounded tooltip corner.
tooltip_shadow_opacity 0.3 Opacity of tooltip shadow.
tooltip_stroke_width 1 Tooltip border thickness.
units_before_tooltip NULL Units shown before value on tooltip.
units_before_tooltip_key NULL Units shown before key (X value) on tooltip.
units_tooltip NULL Units shown after value on tooltip.
units_tooltip_key NULL Units shown after key (X value) on tooltip.

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