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Welcome to Goat 1000 - this is where you'll find some of the bits and pieces of software that I cobble together for fun. Please feel free to download them and try them out. All this stuff is freeware, no guarantee that it will do anything, etc. (though if it does fail to do anything, please let me know!)

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JPEG Saver 5.21.2

I enjoyed that last JPEG Saver .1 release so much, I decided to have a .2 to go with it.

Windows 7 is still a thing

I'm not using it myself, but Windows 7 is still at large and there is no good reason why JPEG Saver should not work on it.

Unfortunately there were a couple of bad reasons why the last version didn't work on Windows 7, mainly my use of some path manipulation functions that don't exist in older versions of Windows. This version replaces them with something more widely supported.

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SVGGraph 3.17

Version 3.17 of SVGGraph is a small update with three new options and a couple of bugs fixed. Nothing Gantt-related this time.

Spread out

Here is an example multi-line graph to demonstrate the new options.

Tighter X-axis, aligned text

The first new option probably isn't obvious from the example, but its name is axis_tightness_x. There was already a axis_tightness_y for allowing more space between the data and the axis end, the X-axis version is for removing space between the values and the end of the axis. In the example above the final X-axis value is 41, but the last division is at 40 - without the axis_tightness_x option set to 0 this axis would end at 50 and leave a data-free gap at the end.

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JPEG Saver 5.21.1

It's time for a .1 release, because there hasn't been one of those for a long time and I missed the excitement of it all. No, it's because I found a bug.

Where has my icon gone?

The main bug fixed in this version is in the desktop helper. It was quietly crashing when trying to update the database, an error caused by my adding in some code to load the file cache size option. The desktop helper doesn't even use the file cache, so I can't even claim it was crashing for a good reason.

This bug isn't all bad though, it prompted me to add compile-time validation for the option values so things like this should be a lot less likely in the future.

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If you want to contact me, my email address is at the bottom of the Readme.txt file or PDF in any of the zip files, or in the source of Javascript files, or you could try to figure it out from a combination of my name, (graham) this domain name (goat1000.com) and the @ sign.

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