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The gamma / dimming dialog contains options for controlling how JPEG Saver modifies the screen colour output - the whole screen, not just the image. The gamma settings adjust the colour and brightness, and the dimmer settings control a timed dimming of the screen.

Gamma and dimming dialog


Enable gamma checkbox

This checkbox enables gamma adjustments, using the sliders and the interactive controls. Since there is no visual feedback when using the sliders on the dialog, better results can be achieved by using the number pad keys from the screen saver.

The colour management functions transform the image before displaying it, and the gamma options use DirectX functions to affect the whole screen.

Main gamma slider

Adjusts the red, green and blue components together.

Red component slider

Adjusts the red component individually.

Green component slider

Adjusts the green component individually.

Blue component slider

Adjusts the blue component individually.


Enable dimmer checkbox

This checkbox enables the timed dimmer. After the chosen delay, the screen saver brightness is reduced.

The interactive controls page lists the keys that can control dimming from the screen saver: “d” to dim the screen gradually, “D” (shift and “d”) will dim to fully dimmed immediately, and “b” will bring the screen back up to full brightness.

Dimmer amount slider

This slider controls the amount of dimming. The range allowed is from 10% brightness up to 99%. 10% might not seem very dim, but attempting lower values made my monitor turn itself off.

Dimmer delay

This edit control works in the same way as the main image change timer, though this time it specifies the length of time before the screen is dimmed.

The dimmer delay timer is restarted when you use the “b” key to return the screen to full brightness after it has been dimmed.

Dimmer start time

This control is a 24-hour clock, displaying the time that the screen should be dimmed. The radio buttons in front of the “Dim after” and “Dim between” text determine whether JPEG Saver dims using the delay or fixed times.

Dimmer end time

This control is also a 24-hour clock, displaying the time that the screen should return to full brightness.

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