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Most of the items that JPEG Saver allows you to add to the screen from the Items tab are configurable by using format tokens - these are placeholders that are replaced by the relevant information when the screen saver is running.

Each type of item has its own list of tokens which is shown at the side of the configuration dialog. Double-clicking on an entry in the list will insert it into the format box at the cursor position.

The tables below list all the tokens available for each of the different item types.

The clock item

The clock item displays the current date and time. When the real-time option is enabled, the clock updates constantly as an overlay on the screen and when it is not enabled the clock item is drawn as part of the screen along with the image.

%aAbbreviated weekday name
%AFull weekday name
%bAbbreviated month name
%BFull month name
%cDate and time representation appropriate for locale
%dDay of month as decimal number (01-31)
%HHour in 24-hour format (00-23)
%IHour in 12-hour format (01-12)
%jDay of year as decimal number (001-366)
%mMonth as decimal number (01-12)
%MMinute as decimal number (00-59)
%pCurrent locale's A.M./P.M. indicator for 12-hour clock
%SSecond as decimal number (00-59)
%UWeek of year as decimal number, with Sunday as first day of week (00-53)
%wWeekday as decimal number (0-6; Sunday is 0)
%WWeek of year as decimal number, with Monday as first day of week (00-53)
%xDate representation for current locale
%XTime representation for current locale
%yYear without century, as decimal number (00-99)
%YYear with century, as decimal number
%zTime-zone name or abbreviation; no characters if time zone is unknown
%%Percent sign
%#cLong date and time representation, appropriate for current locale
%#xLong date representation, appropriate to current locale
Clock format tokens

The image info item

The image info item shows information about the current image - details of the file itself and any extra information stored inside it. There are a lot of tokens available here, so I've broken them up into multiple tables.

Because many of these fields are optional, JPEG Saver has a “conditional block” token “%{ }” for displaying text only when fields are found. For example, the format text “%{Copyright: %xc}” will not show anything if the EXIF copyright field cannot be found in the image.

%fFile name
%eFile extension
%pFile path
%p1Path folder 1
%p2Path folder 2
%p3Path folder 3
%p4Path folder 4
%p5Path folder 5
%p6Path folder 6
%p7Path folder 7
%p8Path folder 8
%p9Path folder 9
%cContaining folder
%c1Containing folder
%c2Parent folder
%c3Ancestor folder
%c4Ancestor folder
%c5Ancestor folder
%c6Ancestor folder
%c7Ancestor folder
%c8Ancestor folder
%c9Ancestor folder
%dImage depth
%wImage width
%hImage height
%DOriginal image depth
%WOriginal image width
%HOriginal image height
%mJPEG Comment
Basic image format tokens

The containing folder, parent and ancestor folders allow you to organise your images into a hierarchy of folders and display the folder names separately. The “%p1”-“%p9” tokens contain the folders from the root outwards, whereas the “%c1”-“%c9” tokens contain the folders in order from the file back towards the root, as shown in the example table below.

- %p1 %p2 %p3 %p4 %f.%e
- %c4 %c2 %c3 %c1 %f.%e

The “%d”, “%w” and “%h” tokens give you the size of the image as it appears on the screen, and the “%D”, “%W” and “%H” tokens give you the size of the image before it was resized.

EXIF fields

EXIF fields are usually added to an image file by digital cameras to provide details of the camera settings used to take the photograph. JPEG Saver only supports the most useful of the EXIF fields - if you want some extra fields supported, send me an email and I'll see what I can do.

The date and time fields support formatting using the same date and time tokens as used for the clock item.

%{}Conditional block (not actually an EXIF field - see above)
%xd{%c}Date / time
%xz{%c}Date / time (original)
%xZ{%c}Date / time (digitized)
%xxX resolution
%xyY resolution
%xrResolution unit
%xeExif IFD offset
%x@GPS IFD offset
%x*Interoperability IFD offset
%xvExif version
%xVFlashPix version
%xpPhotometric interpretation
%xlColour space
%xYYCbCr positioning
%xkComponents configuration
%xKCompressed bits / pixel
%xXExposure time
%xfF number
%xiISO speed ratings
%xuShutter speed value
%xAAperture value
%xBExposure bias value
%xbMax aperture value
%xqSubject distance
%xLMetering mode
%xFFocal length
%x3Focal length in 35mm film
%xPFocal plane X resolution
%xQFocal plane Y resolution
%xOFocal plane resolution unit
%xgSensing method
%xUCustom rendered
%xEExposure mode
%xWWhite balance
%xRDigital zoom ratio
%xTScene capture type
%xCThumbnail compression
%xjThumbnail offset
%xJThumbnail length
%xtUser comment
%xIUnique image ID
EXIF field tokens

EXIF GPS fields

An image EXIF block can contain GPS information about where the photograph was taken. JPEG Saver supports all the fields that I have been able to test - if you have images containing velocity information, I'll be happy to add tokens to display it.

%ggGPS longitude
%gGGPS longitude E/W
%gtGPS latitude
%gTGPS latitude N/S
%gaGPS altitude
%gAGPS altitude reference
%gdGPS image direction
%gDGPS image direction reference
GPS field tokens

IPTC fields

IPTC fields are another type of metadata that can be stored in image files - they are used to describe the content of the image.

%ieEdit status
%iRSubject reference
%ifFixture identifier
%iiSpecial instructions
%iVProgram version
%iTSupplemental categories
%iBByline title
%iPCountry name
%ioCountry code
%id{%x}Creation date / time
%iD{%x}Digitized date / time
IPTC field tokens

The list info item

The list info item doesn't have many tokens. It tells you how many images JPEG Saver has in its list, and what position in the list the current image has.

%mMetadata count
List info tokens

The “%m” metadata count token reports the number of images that have been looked at by JPEG Saver and their width and height stored in the database.

The process info item

The process info item provides information about the JPEG Saver process itself.

%mMemory usage
%MPeak memory usage
%kKernel time
%uUser time
%TTotal time
%pProcess priority class
%tProcess thread priority
%xCurrent/last transition
Process info tokens

The version info item

The version info item displays information about the version of JPEG Saver that is running.

%VVersion string
%vVersion number
%dCompilation date
%sMercurial revision number
Process info tokens

The now playing item

This item displays some information about the current track that is playing in some popular media player applications.

%aArtist name
%tTrack title
%pMedia player name
Process info tokens

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