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Here's a list of all the versions of TagCanvas that have been released and the changes that were made in each one. The TagCanvas version number can always be found in a comment at the top of the Javascript file.

VersionRelease dateDetails
2.11 06/08/2021 Added option to display an alternative image when tag is active.
2.10 07/04/2021 Added support for playing audio when mouse enters a tag.
2.9 01/03/2016 Added “outlineDash”, “outlineDashSpace” and “outlineDashSpeed” options for marching ants highlights. Added “tag” and “tagbg” outline colour options, along with new “outline” weight mode. Added “magic” argument support to sphere and cylinder shapes. Added pulsate support to colour and size outline methods.
2.8 02/09/2015 Added “imageRadius” option for rounding off image corners. Added “scrollPause” option for pausing animation during page scroll. Fixed background and outline shapes when too-large “bgRadius” and “outlineRadius” options used.
2.7 27/05/2015 Added “pinchZoom” option for zooming on touchscreen devices. Added “repeatTags” and “minTags” options for repeating the list of tags in the cloud shape. Added support for user-defined shape functions. Added “centreImage” function for simple images in the centre of the cloud. Fixed erratic dragging when multiple fingers touch the screen. Fixed tags not being positioned when a depth of 0 used. Made the “No tags” message draggable.
2.6.1 11/02/2015 Fixed div tooltip for canvas appearing at end of page on startup.
2.6 26/01/2015 Added support for mixed image/text tags and choice or image, text or both. Added text and image alignment options. Added “No tags” message when there are no tags to display, and option to disable it. Added support for displaying the canvas title as a tooltip in the same format as the tag tooltips. Made the event handlers clear when TagCanvas.Delete() is used to allow a restart to switch between drag control and cursor following.
2.5.1 04/09/2014 Added updating of background and border colours in Update and Reload functions. Fixed crash bug in tooltips during clickToFront animation. Fixed crash when a weight of 0 specified. Fixed crash and broken animation on really old browsers.
2.5 03/07/2014 Added “size” outline method and outlineIncrease option. Added support for multiple weights, “bgcolour” and “bgoutline” weight modes and multiple weight gradients. Improved handling of scaled images.
2.4 28/05/2014 Added outlineRadius, bgColour, bgRadius, bgOutline, bgOutlineThickness and padding options.
2.3 23/04/2014 Added SetSpeed and Delete functions. Made tags stay highlighted when clickToFront used. Fixed Update not updating tag weights.
2.2 08/07/2013 Added TagToFront and RotateTag functions. Added clickToFront, animTiming and fadeIn options.
2.1.2 06/05/2013 Fixed mouse and touch event positions when canvas is resized from its width and height attributes.
2.1.1 24/02/2013 Restores an undocumented “feature” used by the Drupal module to specify a subset of links for use in the cloud by appending a class selector.
2.1 22/01/2013 Made shuffleTags and Update function work together properly.
2.0 18/12/2012 Changed tag position calculations. Now uses requestAnimationFrame when available. Added Reload and Update functions. Added support for breaking tags into multiple lines on <br> tags or using the new splitWidth option.
1.19.1 05/11/2012 Fixed frame and iframe targetting. Added weightSizeMin and weightSizeMax options.
1.19 26/09/2012 Improved depth fading and added maxBrightness option. Added pause and resume functions. Added dragging control option. Added basic touch screen support when using drag control. Added cloud centre drawing callback function option. Added “hring” and “vring” shapes. Added offsetX and offsetY options for positioning the cloud within the canvas. Added freezeDecel option for deceleration during active tag freeze. Added workaround for IE9 drawing glitch. Fixed freezeActive staying frozen when mouse leaves canvas. Fixed div tooltips remaining on when mouse enters another tag.
1.18 26/06/2012 Added lock “xy” option. Fixed highlight in “colour” mode to always be 100% opaque. Fixed bug that was shrinking images when they had a shadow. Fixed mouse position calculations when html tag has CSS margin.
1.17.1 25/04/2012 jQuery version had a bug in the hideTags code, preventing it from working.
1.17 25/04/2012 Fixed bugs: click events not firing in IE9; click events could fire multiple times in IE<9 after cloud restarted; image scaling problems with hideTags enabled and started from $(document).ready() handler; images not appearing until cloud animates.
1.16 10/04/2012 Added imageScale option and image scaling 1:1 by default. Fixed tag selection remaining when cursor leaves canvas.
1.15 06/04/2012 Added radiusX, radiusY, radiusZ, stretchX, stretchY, shuffleTags, noSelect and noMouse options. Added new outlineMethod of “none”. Fixed problems with cross-domain iframes, weighted tags with images, weighted tags in IE7.
1.14 08/03/2012 Added tooltip, tooltipClass and tooltipDelay options. Fixed display of mixed text and image clouds in IE 8.
1.13 07/02/2012 Added activeCursor option.
1.12 20/12/2011 Added multi-font and multi-colour support. Added outlineMethod option for different ways to highlight the active tag. Now also uses fewer resources when cloud is stationary.
1.11.1 25/11/2011 Fixed bug in jQuery plugin version where cloud would not animate in IE if interval option was not set.
1.11 23/11/2011 Added zooming using mouse wheel, horizontal and vertical lock options, cylinder shapes.
1.10 29/08/2011 Better handling of mouse movement. Improved txtOpt mode quality with txtScale option.
1.9 02/08/2011 Improved image tag compatibility with IE 6-8. Various small optimisations.
1.8 27/06/2011 Added speed improvements with txtOpt option. Added frontSelect option.
1.7.1 14/05/2011 Fixed a .srcElement is undefined error that was appearing in Firefox.
1.7 04/04/2011 Added weightFrom and interval options, improved IE support, and a load of internal changes to improve efficiency.
1.6.1 14/02/2011 Fixed hideTags in jQuery version. Some minor optimizations.
1.6 27/01/2011 Added weighting of tags, a zoom option and tag shadow options. Also improved calculation of tag text sizes.
1.5 20/01/2011 Adds support for running multiple clouds on one page. Also fixes a bug where clicking a link with a target would open it twice.
1.4.2 14/12/2010 Improves compatibility with IE9.
1.4.1 25/11/2010 Bugfix - right-clicks (and middle-clicks) were triggering links before, but now only left-clicks will.
1.4 13/09/2010 Now supports click event handlers on the links so TagCanvas will work better with other Javascript and jQuery scripts. There's also a new option, minSpeed for keeping the cloud moving when the mouse leaves the canvas.
1.3 01/09/2010 Adds some support for using explorer canvas, using image link tags and selection of the tag list by id. Since the source of the links can now be specified, this is also the first version to support being restarted.
1.2 09/06/2010 Adds several new options: reverse, freezeActive, initial, pulsateTo and pulsateTime. The jQuery plugin version is also slightly smaller than the previous version.
1.1.1 10/05/2010 Improves compatibility with older jQuery versions, and also copes better with FireFox 3.0.x. The older FireFox version supports the canvas element, but not in the same way as the newer version. For now the stand-alone version will emulate IE behaviour in FireFox 3.0.x by moving the contents of the canvas into a div and deleting the canvas. The jQuery version will return false and let you deal with the fallout.
1.1 04/05/2010 Adds support for adjusting the perspective depth effect, the outline thickness and distance, and also uses a new algorithm to space the tags around the cloud better. This is also the first version available as a jQuery plugin as well as the stand-alone version.
1.0 21/04/2010 First version released.

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