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The “Video” checkbox on JPEG Saver's main tab enables the video loader - by itself, it loads the first frame of a video file as an image, displaying it in the same way as any other image. The “Options” button next to it takes you to this dialog where you can choose how JPEG Saver should deal with video files.

Video options dialog

Play video

This option enables playing video - with it unchecked JPEG Saver will only load the first frame of each video file and use it as a static image. The other video options are ignored when video playback is disabled.

JPEG Saver plays videos in a borderless window over the primary screen. This means that any items that would normally appear over the main image will not be visible (because they are behind the video window).

Repeat completed video

When this option is enabled, JPEG Saver will repeat any videos shorter than the image change delay. When not enabled, the video will close when complete and the first frame will be shown until the next image is loaded.

Wait for end of video

This option makes JPEG Saver wait for the end of the video before moving on to the next image (if the video is longer than the change delay). If used with the repeat option, the video will play through at least once.

Enable audio

This option enables playing audio with the video. The slider underneath adjusts the mixer volume for audio playback from JPEG Saver, not the master volume.

Audio volume slider

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