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The transitions dialog allows you to choose which are enabled, how quickly they run, and set up presets for more easily switching between selections.

JPEG Saver's Transitions dialog

Presets list

This drop-down box displays the current preset, and contains the list of other defined presets. To add a new preset, type its name in the box and choose “Save” from the preset menu button.

The name of the last preset loaded remains in the box after changes have been made to the transition selection and speeds.

Preset menu button

This button opens a menu containing these save, load, delete and reset options:

The list of presets maintained using these options is also displayed on the main tab for quickly switching between configurations. Note: the main tab will display “Not a preset” in its presets list when the selected options do not match a preset, but the transitions dialog presets list will display the last loaded preset whether it matches the current selection or not.

Transitions list

This list displays all the transitions JPEG Saver has available, along with a checkbox to enable and disable each transition and a second column showing the speed settings for that transition.

This is a standard list view, so pressing a letter key will jump to the first entry beginning with that letter, the arrow keys will move the selection, holding shift or control will allow selecting multiple transitions and control-A will select all entries.

Selecting an entry will populate the controls underneath, and double-clicking will toggle the entry's checkbox.

If you have updated JPEG Saver and there have been new transitions added you will see an extra column in this list, with “New” next to the transitions you didn't have before.

Enable all/none/some toggle

This three-state checkbox toggles the checkboxes for all the transitions between enable, disabled, and however many were enabled to start with.

Custom speed checkbox

Enables custom speed settings for the selected transitions, or turns custom settings back off.

Transition preview button

Opens and closes the transition preview window to the right of the dialog. The preview updates with the settings for the selected transition.

Transition speed slider

Sets the speed of transitions. The default speed is 100%, smaller values are slower and higher values are faster. The blue area on the slider is the random speed range, which is fixed for all transitions using the default speed.

To set the range of a random custom speed, move the slider to somewhere in the range before enabling the “Random” checkbox, then drag the slider to set the two ends of the range. To clear the range, toggle the “Random” checkbox again.

Random speed checkbox

Enables using a random speed. The range of random speeds is fixed to 50%-200% for transitions using the default speed settings, though custom speed transitions can have their own ranges set.

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