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This dialog contains options for the interactive controls, enabled with the “Interactive” checkbox on the main tab.

Interactive options dialog

Cursor key navigation only

This option enables a limited navigation mode, where only the cursor keys are enabled to jump to the next and previous images or folders. All other keys and any mouse input will make JPEG Saver exit.

Update ratings

This option enables updating the star ratings of images. It is disabled by default because it must modify an image file to update its rating. JPEG Saver does this by saving a new file containing the image and its new rating, then attempts to replace the old file with the new one. If any of this fails, the old file is not modified.

Updating the star rating in a file sounds like a very simple thing to do, but the JPEG Saver source code that does nothing else is over 12Kb in size (it does it using “Windows Imaging Component” if you are really interested).

The default keys are “1” to “5”.

Edit keys

This button opens a dialog where you can choose which key performs which function, or just see which key does what. For details, see the Edit keys page.

Shortcut and file copy folder

This sets where JPEG Saver saves shortcuts to (or copies of) the current file when the relevant key is pressed.

The default keys are “S” for a shortcut and “Shift-S” for a copy.

Desktop wallpaper filename

This option sets the filename that JPEG Saver will use when setting the desktop wallpaper. JPEG Saver will actually save two alternating wallpaper files, one using this name and the other with “.1” inserted. This makes changing the wallpaper more reliable than using a single file.

The default key for saving the screen as the desktop wallpaper is “F10”.


These files can be chosen here, or you could use the “Store favourite” buttons from the screensaver. Either way, they can be used to jump to the specific file from within the screensaver, as long as the file is in the list of images that JPEG Saver is working with.

The default keys for storing favourites are “Ctrl-6” to “Ctrl-0”, and for jumping to them are “6” to “0”.

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