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SVGGraph 3.19

New year, new version of SVGGraph, new graph type. Actually, there are a lot of small changes in this version but I'll start with the new graph.

Pareto chart

It's a type of bar and line graph, but with its own preprocessing so you don't have to figure out the line points yourself. Its main use is in quality control, but I'm sure there could be other uses for it.


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SVGGraph 3.18

This is a small release, with no new options and no new graph types. It does fix and improve a few things, so I wanted to release it before I start working on things that will take more time to complete.

Shady pies

There are a couple of visible changes in this version, so I will point them out using this pie chart.

Shaded flat bits

The first change is that SVGGraph now shades the flat edges of 3D pie graphs, 3D donut graphs and 3D polar area graphs using a colour calculated from the depth_shade_gradient. On earlier versions the two flat edges of the “Milk” slice in the example above would both be the same colour as the top of the slice, but now they are shaded to match the curved edges.

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JPEG Saver 5.22.1

If you are one of those people who like to wait for the .1 release, then this is the version for you. Actually, it's for anyone who downloaded version 5.22 as well because it fixes a crashy bug.

Metadata troubles

All the changes in this version are related to the metadata scan. The most important is that the screensaver was quietly crashing after completing the metadata scan at times. Not all the time though - only when it had already scheduled a burst of metadata to be scanned before the current burst had completed the scan.

The next problem was that the improved metadata scan in version 5.22 also meant it was quite slow to start up, which held up loading images, which in turn caused navigation to fail, staggered multi-monitor updates to not be staggered, and some other annoyances. I've split the startup into smaller parts so this won't be a problem again.

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JPEG Saver 5.22

There are some big changes in this version. Unfortunately they are the type of big changes that happen behind scaffolding and when it is taken away you wonder what has actually changed. But believe me, these are big changes.

Big changes

The way JPEG Saver chooses the next image has changed a lot in this version. Previously, each change mode had its own code that would choose the next image, either by picking one at random or one from a shuffled list of images, or just the next in sequence. The new way uses a database table that contains the list of images to be displayed. Each of the change modes fills in the table with files in the correct order, and then the next image to load is picked from there.

But why?

For a start, this is a lot simpler. Each change mode now just contains enough code to fill in the image list table, and maybe some extra code to deal with sequential and folder lock modes.

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JPEG Saver 5.21.2

I enjoyed that last JPEG Saver .1 release so much, I decided to have a .2 to go with it.

Windows 7 is still a thing

I'm not using it myself, but Windows 7 is still at large and there is no good reason why JPEG Saver should not work on it.

Unfortunately there were a couple of bad reasons why the last version didn't work on Windows 7, mainly my use of some path manipulation functions that don't exist in older versions of Windows. This version replaces them with something more widely supported.

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