JPEG Saver config — Edit keys dialog

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This dialog allows you to choose which keyboard shortcut is used to perform which function while the screensaver is running.

Edit keys dialog

Key map listing

This list displays all the interactive functions that are supported by JPEG Saver, their default key mapping and the current key mapping. Clicking on an entry in the list selects it for modification using the other controls.

Key input control

This shortcut control is where you can press the key combination you want for the selected function. The text in the input updates with the combination you have pressed.

Use button

When the key input control contains the combination you want to use, press the “Use” button to copy it to the key map. The dialog will allow you to use the same key combination for multiple functions until you press the “OK” button, when it will check for any duplicates and display a warning message telling you where it found the first problem.

Reset button

The reset button can be used to reset the selected function to its default key mapping.

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