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The “More controls” dialog contains some settings that are not likely to be changed very often.

More controls dialog

Maximum shape skip

By default this option will be off, and JPEG Saver will show all the images that it finds. Setting it to one of the numbers will make JPEG Saver skip over images that are the wrong shape for the screen - portrait images will be skipped on screens that are wider than they are tall, and landscape images will be skipped on screens that are taller than they are wide.

The number chosen is the maximum number of images that will be skipped when progressing through the sequence. After this many images have been skipped, the next image in the sequence is displayed, whatever its shape. Square images are shown on both landscape and portrait screens.

Reuse DB

This option lets you choose how long JPEG Saver will keep using the database without checking for updated folders. Before version 5.7 JPEG Saver checked every time it ran, which should catch any file updates but should not be necessary for most users. The default value for this option is still very low at 5 minutes, but you can adjust it with values up to two days.

Rescan folders

This option lets you choose how often JPEG Saver rescans folders that haven't had any obvious updates. Normally when files are written to or removed from a folder the modification time of the folder is updated, and JPEG Saver uses this to determine when the folder needs updating. The modification time is not always correct though, so the folders are periodically rescanned anyway using the frequency chosen in this option.

Scan disabled folders

Enabling this option allows the desktop helper to scan through any folders that have been disabled, making it much more convenient to switch folders on and off in the config. This only affects the desktop helper's file scan though, the scan performed when the screensaver starts up never searches through disabled folders for changes.

File cache size

This slider sets the maximum size of the file cache that JPEG Saver uses to store recent images. The minimum cache size is 10MB, which is not very big. JPEG Saver stores the images in a very simple compressed format that is very fast to load and save but uses more space than JPEG or PNG images. The latest image loaded will always be stored in the cache, even if it is greater in size than the maximum cache size set with this slider.

Note: only static images are stored in the cache, videos are always loaded from their real locations.

Enable metadata scan

These two options are both enabled by default, and allow JPEG Saver to search through your files to add their width, height and any tags to its database. These can then be used in filters to choose which files JPEG Saver displays based on their size or tags.

Metadata scan while screensaver running

This option allows JPEG Saver to load metadata from files while running the screensaver.

Metadata scan during desktop helper database update

This option allows JPEG Saver to load metadata during the desktop helper's database update.

Disabling both options does not prevent the use of metadata in filters, and metadata will still be read from each file as it is displayed. The metadata scan is a bit resource-heavy though, so if you are not going to use filters then turning it off should improve performance.

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