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This dialog contains options for use by the “JPEG Saver slideshow” Windows Explorer context menu option.

Slideshow options dialog

Use sequential mode

This option overrides the choice of change mode from the main dialog and uses sequential mode for the slideshow.

Random start

This option is only available if the “Use sequential mode” option has been turned on or if the main change mode supports a random start.

Filter preset

This drop-down box lists all the presets saved in the current config file. By default the slideshow runs with all filters disabled, but this option lets you choose a preset to use when the slideshow is running.

Use window

This option allows you to display the slideshow in a window instead of fullscreen. JPEG Saver behaves differently in windowed mode, a mouse click will not close the window and it must be closed by pressing Escape while the window has focus (i.e. when it is active/selected/clicked on).

Window dimensions

These options let you specify the size and position of the slideshow window. Negative values are accepted for X and Y for systems with multiple screens, though the box will not allow you to type a "-" symbol (you can use the up-down arrows to make a negative value, then edit the number).


This area of text displays the status of the registry key that enables the slideshow option in Explorer. If the registry is not set up, reinstalling JPEG Saver is the easiest way to do that.

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