JPEG Saver interactive controls

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When the "Interactive" option is enabled on the main tab of JPEG Saver's configuration dialog, these controls become available from within the running screen saver:

Key Mouse Action Notes
Left Wheel up Load the previous image
Right Wheel down Load the next image
Page Up
Button 4 Load an image from the previous folder These are available when using a folder-based change mode, otherwise they act in the same as the previous and next image options.
Page Down
Button 5 Load an image from the next folder
Esc Left, right, or middle button Exit JPEG Saver

The rest of the controls do not have mouse actions associated with them:

Skip to the end of the current transition
F10 Save the current screen as a BMP file and use it as the desktop background
Ctrl+Delete Move the current file to the Recycle bin
o Open the current image file in the default application These actions will cause JPEG Saver to quit.
e Select the current image file in Windows Explorer (opening a new Explorer window if required)
Pause and resume image changing
d Dim screen gradually These are available when dimming is enabled.
D Dim screen immediately
b Return screen to full brightness after being dimmed
Numpad + Increase gamma These are available when gamma adjustment is enabled.
Numpad - Decrease gamma
Numpad 7 Increase red gamma
Numpad 8 Increase green gamma
Numpad 9 Increase blue gamma
Numpad 1 Decrease red gamma
Numpad 2 Decrease green gamma
Numpad 3 Decrease blue gamma
Numpad . Reset gamma settings to previously saved values
Numpad * Save current gamma settings to config file
1 Rate current image as * For ratings to work they must be enabled in the interactive options dialog, you must have permission to write to the file, it must be a JPEG image, and the Windows Imaging Component must be installed on your computer.
2 Rate current image as **
3 Rate current image as ***
4 Rate current image as ****
5 Rate current image as *****
6 Favourite 1 Jumps to the stored favourite and switches into sequential mode.
7 Favourite 2
8 Favourite 3
9 Favourite 4
0 Favourite 5
Ctrl+6 Store favourite 1 Stores the current image filename as a favourite in the config file.
Ctrl+7 Store favourite 2
Ctrl+8 Store favourite 3
Ctrl+9 Store favourite 4
Ctrl+0 Store favourite 5
s Create a shortcut to the current file The shortcut or copy will be created on the desktop, or in the folder selected in the interactive options dialog.
S Create a copy of the current file
Tab Toggle between selected change mode and sequential mode.
a Toggle between normal change mode and locked to current folder.
c Turn display of text and clock items off and on again.
h Help - displays a list of the interactive keys This will stay on-screen for 10 seconds.

All other keys are ignored, so global hotkeys for other programs will continue to work while the screen saver is running.

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