JPEG Saver interactive controls

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Enabling “Interactive” mode from the main tab of JPEG Saver's config dialog turns on a number of mouse and keyboard controls.

Mouse controls

Mouse Action Notes
Wheel up Load the previous image
Wheel down Load the next image
Button 4 Load an image from the previous folder These are available when using a folder-based change mode, otherwise they act in the same as the previous and next image options.
Button 5 Load an image from the next folder
Left, right, or middle button Exit JPEG Saver

Keyboard controls

From version 5.9 the full list of keyboard controls is viewable and editable from the “Edit keys...” option in the Interactive options dialog. You can also view the list of keys by pressing 'H' while the screensaver is running (unless you have remapped the help key too).

Keys not mapped to any functions in JPEG Saver are ignored in interactive mode, so they can still be used as hotkeys for other programs.

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