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Clicking on the “Colour Management” button opens up this dialog, where you can choose the profiles JPEG Saver should use for colour management.

Colour management dialog

Enable colour management

This checkbox turns on colour management - without it enabled, images are sent to the screen without any colour adjustments.

The dialog below the checkbox is divided into two areas called “Output” and “Input” - colour management uses an input profile to describe the image being loaded, and an output profile to describe the monitor screen.

If JPEG Saver is unable to load both an input profile and an output profile, then no colour management will occur for the image.

Output profiles

Use monitor profile

Uses the profile set up for the monitor in Windows. Each monitor on your computer can have its own profile, set up using the Control Panel.

Use this output profile

Allows you to choose your own monitor profile file. At the moment JPEG Saver only supports using a single profile for all monitors.

Input profiles

Use embedded profiles only

This option will use any colour profiles that are embedded in images, but will not perform any colour management for images without an embedded profile.

Use sRGB for images without embedded profile

Embedded profiles will be used if they are present, otherwise a standard sRGB profile will be used.

Use this profile for images without embedded profile

As an alternative to using sRGB, you can choose a different profile to use for any images that do not have an embedded profile.

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