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JPEG Saver 4.0 changed the way that transitions worked from just using the old DirectX 3 DirectDraw functions for page-flipping to using DirectX 9's Direct3D for hardware assisted geometry and pixel shader transitions. Most of the transitions that were available in JPEG Saver 3.6 were re-implemented using the new, faster techniques.

JPEG Saver 5

JPEG Saver 5 rewrote the graphics code again, this time using DirectX 11. This means that the DirectX 9 libraries do not need to be installed or updated with JPEG Saver, and also provides support for displaying transitions on any machine that supports the WARP device. This should be anything using Windows 7 or later, where DirectX 11 is installed as part of the operating system.

Current version, 5.13 - released 04/03/2021

Added automatic database update options to desktop helper. Added preview for logo image item. Added test for image folder existence in config dialog. Added circle turn, star turn and rings turn transitions. Fixed logo image item alpha slider going the wrong way.

Previous version, 5.12 - released 07/01/2021

Added support for loading image files with incorrect extensions. Added options to disable metadata scans. Added 2021 to filter preset years. Added last database update time to desktop helper tooltip. Video files are now skipped when video loader disabled. Fixed disabled video loader causing hang on Windows 7. Fixed display not changing after Direct2D failures. Fixed random background colour sometimes changing after transition. Fixed possible crash when drawing image copy background.

Version 5.11 - released 13/10/2020

Updating resizing system with new options and simpler alternative options. Config, database and wallpaper files are now stored in “AppData/Local/JPEG Saver” instead of “AppData/Local” by default. Multiple displays with staggered updates enabled now all display an image when JPEG Saver starts. Added grille and grille rotate transitions. Added confirmation before clearing database. Made some of the transitions smoother by enabling sub-pixel positioning and antialiasing.

Version 5.10 - released 15/09/2020

Added sequential / chronological change mode and rearranged order of modes in drop-down list. Added option to dim between start and end times instead of after a delay. Added option to defragment database from config dialog file menu. Added metadata scan to desktop helper database update. Added cut out transition. Added image info format token for file date/time. Fixed transition not being aborted when interactive controls load the next image. Fixed non-Direct2D real-time text display.

Version 5.9 - released 20/07/2020

Added keyboard remapping support. Added pause, resume, jump backwards, jump forwards and audio volume controls for use during video playback. Made initial video image maintain same aspect ratio as video. Added folder scan option to desktop helper. Added comb transition. Reduced memory use during folder scan. Fixed folder scan not resuming properly when stopped during update.

Version 5.8 - released 25/05/2020

Added support for loading and playing video files, with a new options dialog. Added ribbon twist transition. Added an extra image to the transition preview sequence. Child dialogs are now opened on top of the main dialog instead of at the centre of the screen. Fixed order of subfolders in sequential mode when the main folders are rearranged in the config dialog.

Version 5.7.1 - released 06/05/2020

Fixed bug that would make JPEG Saver crash when trying to display the size of a file that does not exist. Fixed extra space showing after process info “%m” and “%M” tokens and after image info “%s” token.

Version 5.7 - released 22/04/2020

New folder scanning algorithm with separate scan and database threads. Added option for how long JPEG Saver can reuse the database without a rescan. Added option for how often folders are routinely rescanned. Added “More controls” dialog for database settings. Improved status text while performing folder scans. Renamed favourites from 1-5 to A-E. Added image info format token for displaying file size. Memory usage in process info item is now displayed in KB, MB, etc. Made shutdwn faster by removing unnecessary database update. Improved efficiency of database code.

Version 5.6.1 - released 12/03/2020

Added found files count to “Finding images…” text. Fixed screensaver not progressing to the next image automatically. Fixed possible crash in DirectWrite text when Direct2D disabled. Fixed Direct2D primary screen window being stretched across other screens. Fixed config dialog started from double-click on desktop helper tray icon blocking Windows Explorer use until closed. Fixed transition preview window sometimes starting without an image.

Version 5.6 - released 20/01/2020

Added 2019 and 2020 to year filter presets. Added 4K and 8K resolutions to filter presets. Added tile slide and random tile slide transitions. Main dialog now selects the first enabled transition instead of the first in the list. Transition speed is now configured using percentages instead of fractions. Added random transition speed option. Added database integrity check on screensaver startup. Fixed “Finding images…” text not fading out when first image is shown.

Version 5.5 - released 05/11/2019

Added option to stagger image updates for multiple displays. Added option to enable transitions on multiple displays. Added “Windows main” as option for choosing primary display. Added “Software only” debug option for Direct3D rendering. Added “c” keypress to turn text/clock items off and on. Added box wipe, wipe left & right and wipe top & bottom transitions. Added periodic folder rescanning. Improved setting of image ratings. Fixed crash when pausing during a transition. Fixed dialog resizing between Folders and Items tabs. Fixed block-based transitions ignoring speed setting.

Version 5.4 - released 09/09/2019

Updated configuration dialogs to support Windows 10 DPI-aware scaling. Added “Background only” mode for secondary displays.

Version 5.3 - released 09/07/2019

Added desktop helper process for more reliable interaction with the desktop. Added “Now Playing” support for foobar2000, AIMP, Dopamine, MusicBee, Clementine, Spotify, Windows Media Player and Groove Music. Fixed transition speed slider not affecting preview window.

Version 5.2 - released 07/11/2018

Changed to using a more robust method for messaging between threads. Fixed F10 save desktop option saving grey bitmap. Added buttons to the background and style editor dialogs for swapping colours over. Improved error handling throughout.

Version 5.1.1 - released 18/09/2018

Fixed crash when using shape skip and blank secondary monitors. Fixed Direct3D screen randomly not advancing images. Fixed images not advancing when secondary screens set to show previous image. Fixed filtering by tag using “!=” not excluding only those images that have the tag set. Fixed filter tree display not updating after filters edited. Updated screen mode code to make it fit better with DirectX 11.

Version 5.1 - released 22/06/2018

Replaced JasPer with OpenJPEG for loading JPEG-2000 images. Added stack and scattered transitions. Fixed “Finding images…” text not fading out when first image displayed. Improved animation timing for transitions.

Version 5.0 - released 24/05/2018

Graphics code rewritten from DirectX 9 to DirectX 11. Ended use of SCRNSAVE.LIB for basic screensaver functions. Added fall off and ring wipe transitions.

JPEG Saver 4

Version: 4.20 - 27/02/2018
JPEG Saver is now available in 32 or 64 bit versions. The installer has been changed to use Windows MSI files instead of self-executing. The style editor dialog is now resizeable. Added reset button to filters dialog to reload default set of presets.
Version: 4.19.3 - 20/11/2017
JPEG Saver now exits when the Direct3D device is lost. Added elapsed times to process info item formats. Added unfold push transition. Updated all random number code to use more modern functions.
Version: 4.19.2 - 12/07/2017
Fixed crash when using Desktop or Desktop Pile backgrounds. Fixed name and enabled state not being added with new items. Added white out and colour fade transitions.
Version 4.19.1 - 28/06/2017
Fixed main image filename being forgotten, causing interactive options to misbehave. Fixed right-aligned DirectWrite text being cropped at right.
Version 4.19 - 17/05/2017
Rewritten drawing code to use Direct2D and DirectWrite, falling back to using GDI when unavailable or disabled using new debug dialog.
Version 4.18.2 - 15/04/2017
Fixed crash when attempting to use random item positions.
Version 4.18.1 - 10/02/2017
Fixed crash when loading some Windows tags / keywords from images.
Version 4.18 - 16/11/2016
Added filtering by tag (EXIF and IPTC keywords). Added wave push, funhouse, corner rotate and twist over transitions. Improved folder lock mode navigation. Removed Windows XP support - minimum supported Windows version is now Windows 7.
Version 4.17 - 15/04/2016
Added filter preset support and some built-in presets. Added filtering by age of file. Added checkbox to enable/disable filters. Added count of transitions enabled to main dialog. Made main transitions selection checkbox toggle between all / none / previous selection. Fixed partial crash on some hardware when transitions were given incorrect timing. Fixed crash when using secondary screen as main JPEG Saver screen and no images on primary screen. Fixed random start option for Explorer slideshow mode.
Version 4.16 - 11/03/2016
Fixed red/blue colour swapping on some display hardware. Added Windows Explorer integration for use as slideshow viewer. Improved display of style font details.
Version 4.15 - 17/10/2015
Added image pile background modes. Added folder lock interactive option using the “a” key. Added circle, rings and cross flop transitions.
Version 4.14 - 12/05/2015
Added analog clock item. Added Windows Explorer properties to file info item formats. Added warp spots transition. Added config file version test. Space bar now pauses and resumes in addition to the “p” key. Control key is ignored when not used my JPEG Saver's interactive options. Fixed bug preventing display of some IPTC fields. Fixed bug where background was not being drawn. Improved rating options to make them more robust and provide a better error message.
Version 4.13.1 - 29/10/2014
Added alphanumeric image selection mode. Added image average and image edge average background modes. Tidied up options on folders tab, new folders are now always added in recursive mode.
Version 4.13 - 05/08/2014
Added mirror X, mirror Y and desaturate options to background tab. Made background images centre on main image position. Improved loader thread code to prevent loading images for multiple screens in the wrong order.
Version 4.12 - 14/04/2014
Added favourites support. Added transition speed option. Added shift, intersect, viewpoint, boxes, checker boxes and box turn transitions. Fixed colour management not working. Fixed change timer not restarting after transition aborted. Fixed crash when loading broken PNG images.
Version 4.11.2 - 11/02/2014
Improved list info item. Fixed image loading stopping when same image picked twice in succession. Fixed images being rotated unnecessarily when embedded EXIF thumbnail has orientation data. Fixed config dialog being placed behind other windows after preview. Made file selection modes not pick the same image twice in succession.
Version 4.11.1 - 22/01/2014
Added preview button to dialog. Added shutters transition. Added desktop wallpaper file location to interactive options dialog. Added scanburst option and made metadata scan less aggressive during input.
Version 4.11 - 13/12/2013
Added maximum shape skip. Added sequential mode toggle from screen saver. Added two new transitions. Added F1 help to dialogs. Added width and height filters. Added background metadata scan. Fixed loading config file from non-boot drive. Fixed sub-folders being deleted from database when higher level folder modified.
Version 4.10.1 - 23/10/2013
Added cursor keys only interactive option. Added two new transitions. Added renaming of items. Dialogs now open in centre of screen to avoid taskbar when not at bottom of screen. Re-added skipping of bad images. Fixed corrupt pixels appearing on some hardware.
Version 4.10 - 21/09/2013
Improved multi-monitor support with options dialog. Added EXIF GPS fields to image details item. Added three new transitions. Added checkboxes to folders and items tabs to enable/disable selection. Images are now loaded and scaled in background threads to prevent screen locking up. Improved check for new images. Save desktop wallpaper option now saves multi-monitor images.
Version 4.9.1 - 17/07/2013
Fixed bug where incorrect validation would prevent adding items. Fixed JPEG Saver process not always exiting when quit during a transition.
Version 4.9 - 10/06/2013
Added loading of WebP images. Added “Keep aspect ratio” option for resizing background images. Made clicking on colour swatches open the colour selection dialog. Added alpha support to logo image items. Added four new transitions.
Version 4.8.1 - 04/03/2013
Fixed random crashing during image loading. Fixed crash when deleting last style and items using it. Fixed filter editor not displaying previous value. Added style and piling options to text file item dialog. Added minidump option.
Version 4.8 - 08/02/2013
Split up resizing options to allow scaling larger and smaller images differently. Added option to resize to a size in pixels instead of a percentage of the screen size. Added border edge options. Improved “Desktop”, “Pile” and “Desktop Pile” background modes. Added “Allow piling” option for showing items on piled backgrounds. Improved text handling for IPTC and Exif fields. Fixed several bugs in Exif and IPTC code that could cause crashes.
Version 4.7.1 - 11/01/2013
Added: text file item; resampler class for more scaling options; left, centre and right align options for text items. Fixed pause icon still being shown when unpaused by pressing the next or previous button. Fixed loading of logo files with paths that were previously failing.
Version 4.7 - 19/11/2012
First version compiled with Visual C++ 2010. Improved database error handling and on-screen display. Added shortcut creation and rating images, GIF and TIFF loading.
Version 4.6.1 - 02/08/2012
File associations for the config files, a transition bug fix and some other config-related fixes. The file extension for config files is now “.jscfg”.
Version 4.6 - 10/07/2012
More dialog updates, installer bug fix, two new transitions, several new command-line options and some other small improvements.
Version 4.5 - 30/04/2012
Dialog improvements, three new transitions, bug fix in filter groups.
Version 4.4.1 - 16/12/2011
Quick bugfix release - the ‘e’ key action was only working when there was a “Now Playing” item enabled.
Version 4.4 - 15/11/2011
Adds image list filters, the ‘o’ and ‘e’ key actions, and fixes a couple of bugs.
Version 4.3.1 - 21/10/2011
Bug fix - sequential mode would get out of sequence when new files were added to a folder. Also updated the installer to make files install as the right user.
Version 4.3 - 23/08/2011
Added transition preview to dialog, plus another two transitions.
Version 4.2.2 - 15/08/2011
A bugfix release - the image folder background mode was broken, probably since version 4.1, so this version fixes it. I also took the opportunity to add another transition and update the libraries that JPEG Saver uses.
Version 4.2.1 - 24/03/2011
This minor update fixes a small bug in the clock item dialog, adds two new transitions and updates the install directory on 64-bit Windows.
Version 4.2 - 08/03/2011
This version adds: colour management; more transitions; database updates; a few other minor fixes.

Version 4.1 - 23/11/2010

Example of Unicode in folder list

Version 4.1 changes things a bit. Instead of using a cache file to speed up loading the list of images, the list is stored in an SQLite database. Details of the last image displayed are also stored in the database, so there is no jpegsaver.last file either.

As well as this, version 4.1 allows the loading and saving of different config files - the current config file is shown in the dialog title bar. The other big change is that Unicode is supported in the dialog, in the folder and file names, and any text items shown by the screen saver.

Version 4.0.1 - 17/09/2010
A quick bugfix release, with some updated libraries.

Final release of version 4.0 - 30/01/2010

Very little has changed in the final release version, but the installer has been improved to check if the required DirectX libraries are installed already.

Preview release 3a - 20/01/2010

There were a couple of bugs in preview 3, one of which could cause JPEG Saver to crash, so I've replaced it with preview 3a. The “Explode” and “Implode” transitions had a memory allocation problem and the dimmer would cause the non-primary screen to go black under some circumstances.

Preview release 3 - 17/01/2010

Preview release 3 contains these changes from the second preview:

Preview release 2 - 05/01/2010

Preview release 2 contains these changes from the first preview:

Please read this before downloading!

This version uses DirectX 9 - so you must have DirectX 9 installed to use it! If your computer doesn't support DirectX 9, then this version of JPEG Saver is not for you.

*** If you have DirectX 10 or DirectX 11 installed, that still does not mean that you have all the DirectX 9 libraries installed! ***

The JPEG Saver 4 installer comes with Microsoft's DirectX web installer, so you can install or update your version of DirectX from the installer.

Alternatively, you can download the full installer or updates directly from the Microsoft Download Center.

JPEG Saver 4 requires the main D3D and D3DX libraries. If you get an error message saying that d3dx9_39.dll (or something similar) could not be found or loaded, then that means that your DirectX 9 installation is not complete.

If you choose the installer DirectX update option and you still get the d3dx9_39.dll error, then you should try installing using the full DirectX update: download DirectX from

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

Since Windows 7 the DirectX 11 has been a part of the operating system. Unfortunately JPEG Saver uses DirectX 9, which isn't installed by default. The JPEG Saver installer will attempt to install DirectX 9 for you, but if you get an error message about a missing DLL when you try to run JPEG Saver you might have to install it yourself - see the FileHippo link in the section above.


I expect there are still bugs in this version - if you find any, please let me know and I'll do my best to fix them.

Before you tell me about missing transitions, please note that not all of the transitions from the 3.x version have been rewritten to work with the new rendering method; I expect I'll get around to them eventually.

If you spot anything else that appears to be broken, please contact me with whatever details you think will be useful by emailing graham (at)


The latest version is available from the downloads page.

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