Here are all the files that are currently available to download. The Windows software is packaged as zip files or in installers. Those marked ".exe installer" are self-extracting NSIS installers, and the ".msi installer" downloads use Windows' built-in installer.

For the latest TagCanvas downloads, visit the TagCanvas page.

Latest files

JPEGSaver 5.18 (64-bit) (.msi installer)1.98M4688DD02
JPEGSaver 5.18 (32-bit) (.msi installer)1.78MD7BE706A
SVGGraph library 3.11 (zip)433k0E111E89
SVGGraph library 3.11 (tar/bzip2)229k1A3105E8
TrayBlank 1.11 (64-bit) (.msi installer)560k1D6C0487
TrayBlank 1.11 (64-bit) (zip)130k585AE1CC
TrayBlank 1.11 (32-bit) (.msi installer)540k56994135
TrayBlank 1.11 (32-bit) (zip)107k2A79D75B
JPEGSaver 3.6.2 (.exe installer)714k980F459D
CRCDropper 3.5170kFB01C5F1
CRCDropper 2123k7429FF77
Shuffler 1.0 (.exe installer)111k6D67182C

Older versions

These are here in case the newer versions don't work for you. If you find that the newest version of something doesn't work but an older one does, please let me know and I'll see if I can fix it.

JPEGSaver 5.17 (64-bit) (.msi installer)1.98MF88E1DFC
JPEGSaver 5.17 (32-bit) (.msi installer)1.79M712C1D7E
JPEGSaver 5.16 (64-bit) (.msi installer)1.95MF90102F3
JPEGSaver 5.16 (32-bit) (.msi installer)1.76M427C2992
JPEGSaver 5.15 (64-bit) (.msi installer)1.95M8068F0DE
JPEGSaver 5.15 (32-bit) (.msi installer)1.75MFE5F9D26
JPEGSaver 5.14 (64-bit) (.msi installer)1.93MD685B0C8
JPEGSaver 5.14 (32-bit) (.msi installer)1.74M1265BEC0
JPEGSaver 5.13 (64-bit) (.msi installer)1.91M00A8C42D
JPEGSaver 5.13 (32-bit) (.msi installer)1.71MD273C15F
JPEGSaver 5.12 (64-bit) (.msi installer)1.91M1B396533
JPEGSaver 5.12 (32-bit) (.msi installer)1.72ME61587F5
JPEGSaver 5.11 (64-bit) (.msi installer)1.89M68AA0244
JPEGSaver 5.11 (32-bit) (.msi installer)1.71M1B18D088
JPEGSaver 5.10 (64-bit) (.msi installer)1.88M33B17BF7
JPEGSaver 5.10 (32-bit) (.msi installer)1.70MC1616939
JPEGSaver 5.9 (64-bit) (.msi installer)1.87M7DECA2A9
JPEGSaver 5.9 (32-bit) (.msi installer)1.69M4A196D39
JPEGSaver 5.7.1 (64-bit) (.msi installer)1.85M1122AA2B
JPEGSaver 5.7.1 (32-bit) (.msi installer)1.66M2111703E
JPEGSaver 5.6.1 (64-bit) (.msi installer)1.80M6012744F
JPEGSaver 5.6.1 (32-bit) (.msi installer)1.63M5AD261E5
JPEGSaver 5.1.1 (64-bit) (.msi installer)1.89M843374B1
JPEGSaver 5.1.1 (32-bit) (.msi installer)1.67MC9F76312
JPEGSaver 4.20 (64-bit) (.msi installer)2.13M142F0CDE
JPEGSaver 4.20 (32-bit) (.msi installer)1.89MB2888833
JPEGSaver 4.19.3 (.exe installer)1.59M67009598
JPEGSaver 3.6.1 (.exe installer)751k689F198E
JPEGSaver 2.1.2 (.exe installer)372kF6563CE7
CRCDropper 3.484k5689A2F5
CRCDropper 3.377k67FEDA91
CRCDropper 3.276kF8D54AC2
CRCDropper 3.188kBF234D02
CRCDropper 3.0.140kB7AB6305
SVGGraph library 3.10 (zip)431k70449866
SVGGraph library 3.10 (tar/bzip2)228k51EDC375
SVGGraph library 3.9 (zip)429kC9EE2F51
SVGGraph library 3.9 (tar/bzip2)227k73712E57
SVGGraph library 3.8 (zip)425k6334C74D
SVGGraph library 3.8 (tar/bzip2)225k6D0B0290
SVGGraph library 3.7 (zip)419kAD056ECF
SVGGraph library 3.7 (tar/bzip2)224kD1551E47
SVGGraph library 3.6 (zip)411k4CD7566E
SVGGraph library 3.6 (tar/bzip2)222k432775CC
SVGGraph library 3.5 (zip)407k437ABA71
SVGGraph library 3.5 (tar/bzip2)221kA9F75744
SVGGraph library 2.30 (zip)346kA6E16DEA
SVGGraph library 2.30 (tar/bzip2)208kE731C2B8
SVGGraph library 2.29 (zip)343k215796CD
SVGGraph library 2.29 (tar/bzip2)207k5A003A51
SVGGraph library 2.28 (zip)336k0B9432E9
SVGGraph library 2.28 (tar/bzip2)204k242F310A
SVGGraph library 1.2.1 (zip)35kC518B7A2
SVGGraph library 1.2.1 (tar/bzip2)25k4DDEA7B0
TrayBlank 1.10 (64-bit) (.msi installer)508kB583F917
TrayBlank 1.10 (64-bit) (zip)68k7A3223DB
TrayBlank 1.10 (32-bit) (.msi installer)504k897A2366
TrayBlank 1.10 (32-bit) (zip)60k01B593F5
TrayBlank 1.9.1 (64-bit) (.msi installer)500k8CCBF3D8
TrayBlank 1.9.1 (64-bit) (zip)66k60A813F8
TrayBlank 1.9.1 (32-bit) (.msi installer)492k782F5AD9
TrayBlank 1.9.1 (32-bit) (zip)57kE52739B6
TrayBlank 1.9 (.exe installer)98.7k1EA625F3
TrayBlank 1.9 (zip)57k393632EF
TrayBlank 1.8 (.exe installer)97k921D3E72
TrayBlank 1.8 (zip)55kF9F745AE
TrayBlank 1.7 (.exe installer)56k018D08A0
TrayBlank 1.7 (zip)10k63C36F01