SVGGraph 2.30


This version of SVGGraph adds some more options for drawing things on the graph, building on the existing shape option. The graph below is the example from the shapes page with the new features added.

Shapes with added figures, marker and image

The main difference in this version is the addition of the figure option, which defines named shapes or groups of shapes that can then be used as shapes, in other figures, or as markers on scatter and line graphs. The example graph above has one figure defined and used three times for the red squares with the shaded box over the top.

As well as adding figure support to shapes, there are two new shape types available. The first is marker, which allows you to draw any of the marker types on any graph. The star on the graph above is marker shape. The other new shape is image, which adds an image to the graph.

There have also been some changes made to how axis labels are measured and drawn, moving them into the DisplayAxis classes. This was mainly to fix a bug with the the label placement on Radar graphs, but it does make sense to keep all the axis display details in the same place.

Next version… SVGGraph 3.0?

With PHP5 now having reached the end of its supported life, I'm planning to make some more radical changes in the next version. I expect it to stay compatible with later PHP5 versions, but not all the way back to PHP5.2 as it is (supposed to be) now. The first thing I want to add in is a namespace, because not using one has been quite a pain for a while now.

Version 2.30 is available from the downloads page, or from GitHub / Packagist.

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