JPEG Saver 5.4


JPEG Saver 5.4 is one of those versions where I've changed a lot, but it doesn't look like I've done much at all. Apart from the updated version number, there is one place where the changes should be visible to everyone: the transition preview window.

In earlier versions the transition preview was a 160×120 window that demonstrated the selected transition in the main tab of the config dialog. The major changes in this version made it difficult to keep it there, so I've doubled the size of the preview and moved it out into a popup window.

Those "major changes" I mentioned are actually only updates to make the configuration dialog support scaling - the type of scaling you get from the scaling display settings in the Control Panel. If you have a high-DPI screen your scaling might be set to 125%, 150% or 175% (or you can set it to your own value, just to make things even more tricky). Windows has supported these high-DPI options for quite a while now, but it is only recently that Windows 10 added some handy support functions that made it a bit easier for me to get things working without completely redoing the dialogs.

The scaling support will (probably) only work in Windows 10, because that's what the Microsoft documentation says. Windows 7 and Windows 8 will continue to receive the unscaled version of the dialog. You will still get the new transition preview though.

Background only mode

The only other change really worth mentioning is the addition of “Background only” mode for secondary displays. This new option means that multi-monitor systems will display the image on the main display and fill in the background of all other displays without showing a foreground image. When your background mode is set to “Image Copy”, the image from the main display will be used to fill the background on all other displays.

Apart from these changes, this is the first version of JPEG Saver built with Visual Studio 2019 - though I don't expect it to make much difference to how well JPEG Saver performs.

The new installers are available from the downloads page.

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