JPEG Saver 5.11


It has been less than a month since the last version of JPEG Saver, but here is another one that does something quite important. There are some other changes, but first comes a big resizing update:


In this version I have improved the resizing options by making them more flexible, more configurable and also less complicated for people who don't want to mess around with loads of options. To make that a bit clearer, here is the less complicated version:

Simple resizing
Simple resizing

…and here is the more complicated version:

Advanced resizing
Advanced resizing

The simple resizing mode scales larger and smaller images to 100% of the display size using the same fit mode and method. The advanced mode still lets you choose whether to resize larger or smaller images, with different target sizes, fit modes and methods. Previous versions toggled between percentage and pixels for both larger and smaller images, but now there are separate toggle buttons for each.

The one new option that is available for both simple and advanced resizing is “fit” - this specifies how JPEG Saver should resize the image to fit the screen or target area. The “Width and height” fit is the way that older versions of JPEG Saver always did it, scaling the image so that both the width and height fit inside the available space. The other modes scale the image to fit by width or height, or fill the screen completely, or stretch the image to fit the screen exactly.

As you may have noticed, there is no button to get back from advanced mode to simple mode. I couldn't fit one in anywhere, so I have added a right-click context menu instead. It is available in simple mode too, so you can use it to toggle between the two modes.


I have changed the default location for the config file, database file and the wallpaper files. They were previously in %USERPROFILE%/AppData/Local, but now they will be stored in %USERPROFILE%/AppData/Local/JPEG Saver. If you are using the default filenames JPEG Saver will automatically create the new folder and move your existing files into it.

If you are not using the default file locations, JPEG Saver should leave your files where they are. This change is mainly to make things tidier for new users and users who don't make use of multiple config files.


The staggered updates option for multiple-monitor systems now begins staggering after the first images have been displayed on each screen. This is instead of non-primary screens remaining blank until their first staggered update. A change of image caused by key or mouse input will also change all screens at once, followed by a return to staggering.


I have added two new closely-related transitions, “Grille” and “Grille rotate”. I hadn't planned these, they just emerged from some work I was doing towards one of the transitions that is still on the to-do list. These two transitions use a mixture of stencilling (also used for the star, spiral, rings and circle transitions) and instancing (also used for the stack and scattered transitions) to make one image show through holes in the other.


I have also improved the animation of several transitions that slide chunks of image across the screen. These should do it more smoothly now - in previous versions I was positioning the blocks to line up with the pixels on the screen, which is not really necessary.


The final update is a very small one: there is now a confirmation dialog when you choose the “Clear database” menu option. I was testing with a lot of files, my database was huge and full of metadata and I clicked on that option by mistake. Of course I had a backup, but it was quite annoying anyway.

JPEG Saver 5.11 is available from the downloads page.

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