JPEG Saver 5.12


This is a very unexciting version of JPEG Saver. Sorry. But it does contain some important updates and fixes.


• Probably the most useful update is that JPEG Saver will now load image files with incorrect extensions, as long as they have an extension that is one of the types that it recognises. The files will not be renamed or anything, JPEG Saver will just try loading a strange file as all the other types it knows about before giving up. In other words, a GIF file saved as rickroll.jpeg will be loaded, but a JPEG file saved as history.txt will not.

• I've added two new checkboxes to the “More controls” dialog, allowing you to turn the metadata scan off from the screensaver or from the desktop helper database update. Metadata is only used by filters, so if you don't use filters these can both be turned off without causing any problems.

If you do use filters you can still turn the scans off if you like, but JPEG Saver might not find all of your images tagged “doggo” or whatever.

• It's 2021 now, so I've added 2021 to the list of years in the filters presets. If all updates were as easy as this one I would get a lot more done.

• I've added the time since the last database update to the tooltip for the desktop helper tray icon. This doesn't seem all that useful at the moment, but I am planning to add automatic updates too so it will make more sense when that is available.


• Disabling the video loader would cause a hang when a video file was encountered on Windows 7. I know that Microsoft are not really supporting Windows 7 any more, but plenty of people are still using it so I'm going to keep supporting it as long as I can.

• JPEG Saver normally uses Direct2D to compose the offscreen image that it then displays. Sometimes Direct2D can fail though, and until now that meant JPEG Saver would fail to update the screen - this version should detect the failure and fall back to using the older non-Direct2D drawing methods.

• JPEG Saver will now skip video files when video loading is disabled. Before this update it would display a blank image instead.

• The random colour background would sometimes change colour between the transition and the final image. That should be fixed now.

• I found and fixed a crash in the image copy background drawing code that would happen when it was trying to draw the image at the same time as loading a new one. That would only be likely to happen if you kept your finger down on a navigation key, so it probably didn't affect many people.

Where to get it

JPEG Saver 5.12 is available from the downloads page.

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