JPEG Saver 5.13


This new version of JPEG Saver is another that doesn't look very interesting, but it does contain some important changes.

Automatic database updates

The desktop helper now has a menu labelled “Update automatically”, where you can enable this new feature and choose how often it updates. I've been using it for several weeks set to 6-hourly updates without noticing any problems (or noticing it at all to be honest) so I'm confident it doesn't do any harm.

Automatic database updates are turned off by default, and you can still start and stop updates manually from the menu.

Small improvements

• The config dialog now checks that the image folders exist, displaying an exclamation mark over the folder icon if is not found. JPEG Saver will also prevent saving of a config that only has missing folders selected.

The dialog will not remove the missing folders from its list though, in case it is only temporarily unavailable.

• The logo image item config dialog now has a preview window for the selected image and options. I improved the analog clock item's preview while I was there too, to reduce some ugly flickering.

• There are three new transitions: “Circle Turn”, “Star Turn” and “Rings Turn”. These are variations on the “Circle”, “Star” and “Rings” transitions but with either the new or old image rotating.


There is only one thing fixed in this version, the alpha slider for the logo image item. It was going the wrong way. Probably since it was added, which was quite a long time ago. If it had been called “opacity” instead of “alpha” I probably would have noticed before.

Where to get it

JPEG Saver 5.13 is available from the downloads page.

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