JPEG Saver 5.14


Here is another entry into the "most boring release" contest. Having said that, the changes in this version are quite important and have been on my to-do list for quite a while.

Moving real-time items

The whole point of a screensaver is to prevent damage to the screen by the same pattern of pixels being displayed over a long period of time. Until now JPEG Saver's real-time items have sat in one place on the screen, probably not changing much. If you have the date shown as a real-time item, it will sit there not changing until midnight - and then it doesn't even turn into a pumpkin.

So now the real-time items have a new motion option next to the position and offset options. This allows you to choose how the item moves around the screen, how fast, and how long it pauses at each screen edge. It actually moves around in an invisible box defined by the position and offset options, but unless your position is relative to the image or your offset is huge it should be somewhere near the screen edges.

The speed of the item movement is measured in pixels per minute, so you can have it moving really slowly or much faster. At faster speeds you may notice that it doesn't animate the items very smoothly in between transitions - this is because JPEG Saver doesn't use a very high frame rate between transitions when it isn't doing much. I don't plan to change this, but if anyone does want it smoother I can add an option for setting the refresh rate.

Anything else?

The work to make items moveable actually started in version 5.13, and with this being quite a complicated update I didn't want to take much more time working on more stuff. I have improved the colour edit boxes though, so now you can use the CSS-style 3-digit colours as well as six-digits. I fixed one bug, where the key mappings were not quite mapping properly between some of the functions. And I've also updated how JPEG Saver converts numbers to text, but that should not result in any visible differences.

Where to get it

JPEG Saver 5.14 is available from the downloads page.

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