SVGGraph 3.10


Version 3.10 of SVGGraph is a smaller update, mainly fixing a few things and improving a couple of others.

Text shapes, figures, markers

Until now it wasn't easy to display text in a marker. You could do it using custom markers, but that meant knowing enough SVG to create the marker shape yourself. I know how to do it, but I shouldn't really expect people using SVGGraph to learn SVG just for that. So now you can define text shapes and figures, and since you can use figures in markers you can use text there too:

Text figure markers example

The first two datasets here have "A" and "B" as their text labels. The third dataset has more text, though I've used a transform to scale it down to the same size as the others. The text in the top left corner of the graph is using a text shape as well, though a custom label would be more flexible there.

Everything else

• Rotated axis text is now limited to between -90° and +90° by default. If you really want your text upside down, you can set the new limit_text_angle option to false and get the old behaviour back.

• Histograms now support non-integer values. This applies to the range increment value as well.

• The crosshairs text now supports more date/time tokens. It still doesn't support all of them because Javascript has less date handling built-in than PHP does.

• Guidelines now work properly on date/time graphs instead of being drawn off the scale.

• Polar area graphs with date/time keys are now displayed correctly instead of drawing weird concentric rings.

Let me have it

The new version of SVGGraph is available from the downloads page, or from GitHub / Packagist with Composer.

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