TagCanvas 2.11


This is another small update to TagCanvas, adding something that was suggested recently and fixing a small bug from the previous version.

Turn and face the strange

You should be seeing a canvas here.

Something better change

If you hover your cursor over one of these tags the image should change. This is enabled with the new altImate option, which makes TagCanvas load the second image inside a tag as the active image for that tag. With altImage left as false, the second image is ignored as it was before.

Note: TagCanvas has various options for fiddling with the main image, but none of them have any effect on the alt image and it is displayed as-is (though scaled to the same size as the main image would be).

We're going through changes

I've fixed one bug in this version, where the audio icon would be drawn using the marching ants style set for the active tag highlight. I've also taken out the browser-specific *RequestAnimationFrame test, since every modern browser now supports the standard.

The new version of TagCanvas is available from the TagCanvas page.

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