JPEG Saver 5.17


The first of the big changes I wanted to get done is included in version 5.17 of JPEG Saver. Unfortunately it is mostly internal, so I'll lead with something a bit more visible.

Folder sets

This has been on the to-do list for a very long time, and it is actually one of the first things I entered into my issue tracking system back in 2016. Now when you enter the folders tab on the config dialog you will see a new box marked “Folder set” along with a button next to it called “Set”

Together these work a lot like the presets in the filters dialog - you can save, load, delete and clear the sets, either replacing the main folders list or appending to it.

This and the filter presets both use a new preset management system that I'm planning to extend to other areas in future versions.


This is the big thing in the new version - I've updated how JPEG Saver stores options and their default values, which makes using options a lot simpler and more efficient. As a side effect of these changes config files will be smaller, only storing options that are set to non-default values.

Part of these changes also involved changing how JPEG Saver converts numbers from text into actual numeric values. This should be a good thing all around, but there is a very small chance it will misbehave with locale-specific number formats. If you spot any weird problems with numbers being wrong, please let me know. I don't think it will be a problem, but I've been surprised by things like this before.


The F10 wallpaper saving option was not saving the current contents of the video window, leaving it with the initial frame instead.

Transitions that rotate the screen and use a stencil were showing ugly white areas where there was nothing to display. I've increased the area of the rotated plane and mapped a larger version of the screen onto it to clear that up, and it looks a lot better now.

I've made two more updates to how the config preview works. First, the screensaver will keep running if you use Alt-Tab to switch away to another process, and then close normally when you click back on it. Second, the startup should be a bit quicker because it skips the database clean-up step. The preview uses a temporary database anyway, so cleaning it up is a waste of time.


JPEG Saver 5.17 is available from the downloads page.

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