SVGGraph 3.11


I'm releasing version 3.11 of SVGGraph to get releases up to date with changes on GitHub. It mainly fixes things again, but there is a new graph type and a new option.

How does Bob Marley like his donuts?

Someone asked for an exploded donut graph, so I made one. It turned out that it didn't quite produce the effect that the user wanted, so I ended up adding a donut_slice_gap option to get the similar but different effect you see on the right in the example below.

ExplodedDonutGraph and donut_slice_gap

What's the difference? A exploded graph shifts the slices away from the centre point, but the donut_slice_gap option reduces the size of each slice slightly without moving it.

The ExplodedDonutGraph supports all the options you would expect, since it is just a mash-up of the exploded pie graph and donut graph.

Bob Marley died in 1981 and Wikipedia doesn't say anything about his donut preferences

There are only a few fixes in this version, all related to date/time data. The first is a fix to how bar graphs are drawn when using date/time keys - until now they were drawn with the axis labels drawn offset from the marks. This is fine for graphs where the label says something like “Sales”, but when the labels are dates and times it really helps to put the label in the right place - so now bar graphs with date/time keys are drawn with the grid points labelled and not the bars.

The next fix is for graphs that draw across the daylight savings time changeover, the weird parts of the year where a day will have 23 or 25 hours in it. SVGGraph wasn't drawing things correctly because the time zone was not always being used, so this change fixes that.

The last fix is also for graphs spanning the DST change, this time fixing the size of shapes that cross the changeover period. That means a rectangle with a width of "u2 days" should span two days, and not just 48 hours.

This was a more complicated change, and meant that the sizes of shapes became dependent on where they are drawn on the axis. I've applied this to shapes drawn on graphs with a logarithmic axis too, so a circle with radius "u10" at the bottom of the graph will be bigger than a circle with radius "u10" at the top of the graph.

He probably preferred Lion bars to donuts anyway

The new version of SVGGraph is available from the downloads page, or from GitHub / Packagist with Composer.

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