SVGGraph 3.13


In this new version of SVGGraph there are some new graph types, a couple of options that improve some other things and sundry other updates and fixes.

Curved lines and shifted markers

The first change is something that has been on the to-do list for a very long time - curved lines on line graphs. The example below shows the new line_curve option used on a bar and line graph, but it works on all the line graphs and the radar graphs too.

Curved and offset lines

For this example all the lines have the same curvature, but it is a per-dataset option so you can specify how curved you want each line to be.

This example also demonstrates the new line_bar option, which can be used to position the markers of a bar and line graph over specific bars. This is a per-dataset option too, which is why the markers are over different bars (except for the round markers - they are in the middle of the group because the position for them is set to NULL).

Horizontal 3D bar graphs

Someone asked for this, and I thought it would be fairly simple. It turned out to be a bit more complicated than I expected, though I got there in the end. Here's an example:

Horizontal stacked 3D bar graph

I have implemented the plain HorizontalBar3DGraph, the HorizontalGroupedBar3DGraph and HorizontalStackedBar3DGraph shown in the example. They support all the options you would expect from 3D bar graphs, just with bars that change width instead of height.

Other changes

The changes I had to make to get horizontal 3D bar graphs working meant that how 3D bars are drawn has changed. Instead of defining a symbol for the shape at top of the bar and reusing it for each bar, now the bars are all drawn in full. This should make no difference to how they appear, but the SVG source has changed a bit.

This change also extends to the cylinder graphs, which now have their tops drawn in full each time too. While I was making this update I fixed them to support the bar_top_overlay_colour and bar_top_overlay_opacity options, so they will look slightly different by default - the bar tops will be a bit paler. The front and side overlays are still not supported by cylinder graphs because they have the depth shade gradient for that kind of thing.

The one major fix in this version is when using multiple datasets and non-structured data. SVGGraph's multi-dataset graphs always convert to structured data to make things easier, and it was getting the datasets in the wrong order when the (numerically) first data key was not in the first dataset.

Where to get it

The new version of SVGGraph is available from the downloads page, or from GitHub / Packagist with Composer.

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