JPEG Saver 5.20


This new version of JPEG Saver doesn't add much, but it does complete my plan to add support for presets in all the places that it makes sense.

Item presets

This is it, the last preset thing that was missing, the ability to load and save preset lists of items. You could argue that style presets are missing too, but I didn't come here for an argument. In fact I would argue that style presets are also in this update, because each item preset also contains whatever styles are required to make it work.

I have included a few simple built-in presets for displaying clocks, borders, EXIF, IPTC and GPS data, but I couldn't think of anything else that would be really useful. Email me with suggestions if you want anything added in the next version.

If you look at the config file after saving an item preset you will probably notice that the item_preset value is a long string of gibberish - that's because it is compressed. Apart from making them smaller it also makes them a bit easier for me to handle.

Other bits

There are a couple of small things fixed and tidied up in this version. There was a possible crash in the styles tab when removing all styles at once. I've also added more keyboard controls in the styles list and items list, so backspace, delete, F2 and ^A should behave the way they do in Windows Explorer, etc.

Download it here

JPEG Saver 5.20 is available from the downloads page.

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