JPEG Saver 5.21.1


It's time for a .1 release, because there hasn't been one of those for a long time and I missed the excitement of it all. No, it's because I found a bug.

Where has my icon gone?

The main bug fixed in this version is in the desktop helper. It was quietly crashing when trying to update the database, an error caused by my adding in some code to load the file cache size option. The desktop helper doesn't even use the file cache, so I can't even claim it was crashing for a good reason.

This bug isn't all bad though, it prompted me to add compile-time validation for the option values so things like this should be a lot less likely in the future.

While testing this I also found and fixed another bug - the warning message that appears when there are filters active was appearing when there were no filters at all. I think the default for the “Enable filters” option must have been switched on at some point, and the fix was to switch it off again.

There was another potential bug fixed, though I don't imagine anyone would have noticed it yet. The file cache information file could become invalid, which would prevent JPEG Saver keeping more than one file in the cache at a time. I've added some validation code to prevent that now.

Download it here

JPEG Saver 5.21.1 is available from the downloads page.

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