JPEG Saver 5.21.2


I enjoyed that last JPEG Saver .1 release so much, I decided to have a .2 to go with it.

Windows 7 is still a thing

I'm not using it myself, but Windows 7 is still at large and there is no good reason why JPEG Saver should not work on it.

Unfortunately there were a couple of bad reasons why the last version didn't work on Windows 7, mainly my use of some path manipulation functions that don't exist in older versions of Windows. This version replaces them with something more widely supported.

If you are not using Windows 7 (or maybe Windows 8 - I don't have a VM for testing that) this version doesn't really change much, so feel free to skip it.

Download it here

JPEG Saver 5.21.2 is available from the downloads page.

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