SVGGraph 3.18


This is a small release, with no new options and no new graph types. It does fix and improve a few things, so I wanted to release it before I start working on things that will take more time to complete.

Shady pies

There are a couple of visible changes in this version, so I will point them out using this pie chart.

Shaded flat bits

The first change is that SVGGraph now shades the flat edges of 3D pie graphs, 3D donut graphs and 3D polar area graphs using a colour calculated from the depth_shade_gradient. On earlier versions the two flat edges of the “Milk” slice in the example above would both be the same colour as the top of the slice, but now they are shaded to match the curved edges.

The other difference is that the labels are using fillColour to set the colour of the text and outline. All the data label colour options now support fill and fillColour, which makes colouring the labels to match the data a bit easier.

Broken things fixed

The axis_text option for structured data was not working on multi-dataset graphs. Setting the explode option to “all” wasn't doing anything when all the slices in the pie graph were the same size.

This one is not yet a bug, but there were a couple of places where I used a string syntax that will not be supported by PHP 8.2, so I've updated those.

Get it from here

The new version of SVGGraph is available from the downloads page, or from GitHub / Packagist with Composer.

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