SVGGraph 3.19


New year, new version of SVGGraph, new graph type. Actually, there are a lot of small changes in this version but I'll start with the new graph.

Pareto chart

It's a type of bar and line graph, but with its own preprocessing so you don't have to figure out the line points yourself. Its main use is in quality control, but I'm sure there could be other uses for it.


This example graph uses some data I found of local authority call-outs to deal with pests from around 2010. The ParetoChart class organises the data into order with the largest value first, then superimposes the line graph showing the accumulated percentage of the total value of all bars.

The idea behind this type of graph is to show which problems to prioritize to have the most impact. The example above suggests hiring a pied piper would deal with over 40% of the call-outs, so that might be worth looking into.

Because this is a type of bar and line graph, I've moved the existing bar and line graphs to a new page and added the details for the ParetoChart in there. And by there, I mean here.

All the other changes

The fill_under option can now be given the string “full” to make it fill the whole area between the line and the bottom of the grid. This is instead of filling between the line and the X-axis, which might not be at the bottom of the grid if you have negative values or something.

Apart from that, there are a whole load of changes that fix things to work better under PHP 8.2. Most of these changes are simple updates to how options are retrieved that I had been gradually making anyway, and I don't expect anything to be broken or any behaviour to be changed by them.

The download blurb

The new version of SVGGraph is available from the downloads page, or from GitHub / Packagist with Composer.

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