JPEG Saver 5.23


This new version of JPEG Saver is mostly about transitions, though I did fix a bug.

New year, new transitions

Well, it was a new year when I started working on them. I hadn't added any transitions since 2021, so I thought it was about time I did something new, and I've come up with four that move lots of copies of the old and new image around:

Transitions are not easy to describe. I've already made these and had trouble describing them, trying to write down my ideas for new transitions is a nightmare.

New transitions are hard to find

I don't mean I have trouble thinking of ideas for new transitions, I still have those every now and then. What I actually mean is that finding the new transitions in JPEG Saver's transitions dialog list is tricky. Someone suggested highlighting new transitions, which was a really good idea that had to wait for me to add some more to make it work.

So now when you update JPEG Saver you should see an extra column in the transitions dialog showing which transitions are new. The column will not appear at all if there are no new transitions to look at.

This works by comparing the version of JPEG Saver that wrote the config file with the latest version, displaying “New” next to any transitions that have been added in between. Since JPEG Saver updates the version number in the config file when you save your settings it now also stores the previous version number so it can keep the new transitions highlighted.

That bug I mentioned

There is one bug fixed in this version, an annoying one where images loaded from the cache would sometimes have junk in the last row of pixels. Annoying because I had to write quite a bit of code to fix it properly, but it needed doing.

There are also some non-bug and non-visible changes in this version to improve performance and reduce memory use a bit, but nothing too serious.

The obligatory link to the downloads page

Yes, you can get the new version from the downloads page.

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