JPEG Saver 5.26


Not just bugs fixed this time, there are a couple of new changes. And some bugs fixed.

Vignette again

The vignette effect I added in version 5.25 is fine if you just want the one blurry blob around your screen edge. But what if you want it in a different colour? What if you want multiple vignette effects giving some kind of faded, stained photo look? Well, now there is a vignette item available for adding to the screen in the items tab that might help with that. You can set each vignette item's strength, colour and opacity, and arrange the order they are displayed in.

The background vignette effect is still there, and now it supports both rounded or rectangular shapes (as does the item-based vignette). I've fiddled with the rounded vignette algorithm a bit to make it more efficient, so its appearance may have changed slightly from the last version.

Video only

The main config tab now has an option for “video only”. There was already a filter preset that could do this, but the checkbox does have one advantage - it only applies when video files are enabled. Using the filter preset with video files disabled would leave JPEG Saver with nothing to display.

Sequential's not what it used to be

This next change was one that I thought would be somewhere between impractical and impossible, but here it is. The sequential modes now sort similar filenames containing numbers in alpha and numeric value order, instead of using simple alphanumeric order for everything.

If that sentence doesn't mean much, here's a table with its columns sorted the old and new ways:

Old sortNew sort
File 03.jpg File 1.jpg
File 1.jpg File 2.jpg
File 11.jpg File 03.jpg
File 12.jpg File 4.jpg
File 2.jpg File 11.jpg
File 4.jpg File 12.jpg
Test 001.jpg Test 001.jpg
Test 002.jpg Test 002.jpg

This is done using the StrCmpLogical() Windows function, which is slightly slower than the simple sort function used before. I thought it was going to be a lot slower though, so I'm quite happy to use it for this.


The change to using a processing pipeline broke the code that displays loading progress when files are taking a long time to load, so that is fixed in this version.

The change in the last version that made the pipeline operate on its own copy of the image broke the display of EXIF and other metadata, that is also fixed in this version.

In another case of calling the wrong delete function, the .metadata files that are saved with cached images were not being removed from the cache with the corresponding image. That's fixed too.


The installers can be downloaded from the downloads page.

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