JPEG Saver 5.27


This is not a very exciting update, but it does contain quite a few fixes and improvements. Only one update is really visible from the outside though.

Import/export folder list

Someone asked for this, it seemed like a useful and easy thing to add, so here it is. In the config dialog on the folders list you now have two new options on the right-click context menu for exporting and importing the folder list.

The file is a plain UTF-8 text file with one folder on each line. The export option will create a file from the existing list, and the import option will add folders from a file - either replacing the current list or adding to it, you are given the choice.

Of course you can still use the folder set options for swapping lists of folders in and out, but this gives you another method of changing the list.

Where's my crash dump?

Crashes happen, and when they happen it is useful to look at a crash dump to find out why and prevent it happening again. The new version of JPEG Saver will check for crash dumps when you open the config dialog and let you know if it finds any (and where it found them). If you do have crash dumps it is up to you whether to just delete them or contact me with them, JPEG Saver will just tell you where they are.

Until now crash dumps were always saved using the same few filenames, depending on whether it was started as the screensaver, config dialog or desktop helper. Now it also puts the date and time in the dump file name, making it easier to store multiple dumps and also tell when the crash happened.

Hopefully the average end-user won't be needing lots of crash dumps, but this update should make my life a bit easier.

More metadata

JPEG Saver uses Windows Media Foundation to display video files, which is a bit of a chunky framework to set up when all you really want is to know the width and height of a video. For this reason the desktop helper has skipped video files when running a metadata scan, though that meant that it might never get to 100% scanned.

Video files are pretty easy to read when all you want is the width and height, so I have added code in this version to get the relevant information from MP4/Quicktime, Matroska, ASF/WMV and AVI files. I've also done GIF files this way for a similar reason.

Other fixes and improvements

The text clock item now has a preview that shows the current time using the format string you specify. While I was testing this I discovered that invalid date/time formats would cause a crash, so I've fixed that too.

I spent a day trying to fix a frustrating hang when playing video, which turned out to be not quite my fault for a change. Not only would JPEG Saver hang playing this video, but both the Windows 10 Media Player app and the older Windows Media Player would hang when trying to play it too.

The problem was that the video used H264 with 4:4:4 chroma subsampling, so I've added code to detect that kind of file and not try to play it. It's not the most satisfying solution, but it will do.

I've also fixed another hang that occurred when JPEG Saver was closed while it was part-way through loading and processing an image.


The new installers are on the downloads page.

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