JPEG Saver 5.29


Just a few small updates this time, I probably spent more time testing and checking through code than actually adding anything new.

Just Go Away

All that testing and checking was because I have made this version exit faster, and I wanted to be fairly sure that it wouldn't cause any problems. In the end I didn't find anything important that was adversely affected by this change, but I did a bit of tidying on my way through.

One Way or Another

The hotkey that hides and shows the text (usually 'c') now only hides the text displayed by items instead of hiding item text and status messages. I've added in another hotkey (default 'shift-c') that acts the old way and hides everything.

I was going to describe how the two hotkeys interact and toggle together, but I think it would probably require some kind of diagram. There are only two keys to press, I'm sure you will figure it out.

Fade Away and Radiate

The time JPEG Saver spends loading and post-processing a file before displaying a message saying what it is doing is now configurable from the “More controls” dialog. The default time is 5 seconds, which is how long JPEG Saver would wait when it wasn't configurable.

I initially set it to that value because it seemed like long enough for most images to load and process, but short enough that I would see a message if things were dragging on a bit. I realise now that it is more important for me to see the message because it tells me what JPEG Saver is doing, whereas end users might not care about that at all.

I Know but I Don't Know

JPEG Saver used to skip over bad images, moving onto the next automatically. That got left out a while ago when I changed the way that files were loaded, but this version adds it back in.

I have also added an option into the “More controls” dialog so that you can turn this on and off. JPEG Saver can still display the error message when skipping is enabled, but only if it fails to load 100 files in a row. If that many files are failing to load then something weird is going on.

The only other visible change in this version is that I have added the year 2024 to the filter presets.


The updated installers are available from the downloads page.

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