JPEG Saver 5.30


There are a few improvements and some fixes in this version. Nothing spectacular though.

More slideshow options

JPEG Saver has had the option of displaying as a slideshow via the Windows Explorer folder context menu for quite a long time now. For this version I have split the slideshow options out into a new dialog available from the main tab.

The new dialog has the options that were previously in the interactive options dialog, plus a new one to display the slideshow as a window on the desktop. This is the same as passing in the /g command line option to set the window size and position, and the dialog contains the relevant inputs for the window width, height, X and Y offsets.

Lovers (of) TIFF

I know people are using TIFF files, but until now JPEG Saver's support for loading them has been pretty shoddy and reliant on the Windows GDI+ Bitmap class. This version adds better loading by using the LibTIFF library. As a result of this I have been able to add support for loading ICC colour profiles from TIFF files too. Loading EXIF data from TIFF files is still on my to-do list.

Fixes and tweaks

Loading ICC profiles from TIFF files is fine, as long as loading profiles from files is working at all. But it wasn't, having been broken by a change I made in version 5.25.1. This version fixes that.

Another thing that wasn't working was the scanning of disabled folders from the desktop helper. This doesn't cause any problems, but if you have an option to keep folders updated it would be nice if it actually did that. It's fixed now, but I'm not sure which version broke it.

There are a couple of minor updates to how JPEG Saver caches files. Very large and very small files are not cached any more - small files load quickly enough already and large files will load slowly even when cached. The other change is that the file cache size slider now supports going down to 0 to completely disable caching. I expect this is most useful for me to test file loader code, but the option is there anyway.

The last change is that I have renamed the “Enable audio” option to “Start audio unmuted” - because that is a better description of what it does. The volume control slider underneath it remains enabled now, irrespective of the muted/unmuted checkbox state.

Download links

The updated installers are available from the downloads page.

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