JPEG Saver 5.31


Here's another JPEG Saver update, this time mostly improving things that were already there.

What, nothing new?

OK, there is a new option - in the interactive options dialog there is now an option to write deleted files to a specific folder instead of using the recycle bin. This is for people who use network shares or some other kind of filesystem where there is no recycle bin. Or for anyone who wants to use the delete option for moving files somewhere else.

Things that are fixed

• There's a crash fixed in this one - I haven't experienced it myself, but it can happen sometimes at the end of a video. The wrong thread was deallocating memory, and the crash happened when it did it at the wrong time.

• Videos would not play if they contained audio that could not be played, by which I mean there is no codec installed to play it. Now JPEG Saver will play these videos without audio.

• Some TIFF files were loading with colour components swapped. This was a bit of an odd bug, as I was using a simple function from the TIFF library to load the whole file. I switched to using some slightly lower level functions from the same library and it started working properly. Weird.

• Holding down a navigation key could cause weird effects. I don't recommend doing it anyway, but now it should be more stable.

Things that have been improved

When people start telling me that things are slow, it's time to do some optimization. So here's what I have been working on:

I'm sure there is more that I can do, but these are changes that will affect most users and I'm pretty happy with how much faster things are in this version.

Download here

The updated installers are available from the downloads page.

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