Review date: 29th Mar 2024

Brewdog Hazy Jane Pineapple

I'm up to the ninth of the Brewdog Christmas beer pack and I'm facing another beer with a fruit in its name. The last one wasn't actually bad so I'm hoping this is in the same vein.


From the website:


The other Hazy Janes I've tried were a bit fruity, or too fruity. I don't mind pineapple though, so maybe this one will be nice.


The smell is a bit sweet, and a bit like shandy. There is quite a thick head on it, the same cloudy yellow colour I was expecting after seeing the other Hazy Janes and with lots of little bubbles.

The taste is surprising. It doesn't taste like pineapple to me, and it's not really sweet either. It leaves an odd tangy aftertaste. I don't know what to make of it.

After drinking the whole thing I have to say it's not bad. Quite bitter, not too fruity, quite refreshing.


4/5 : A bit odd, but I actually enjoyed it.

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