Review date: 23rd Mar 2024

Brewdog Hoppy Xmas

The eighth beer of Brewdog Christmas has a festive name, which gives me hope for something dark and spicy.


From the website:

A few things signal the start of the festive season. The first mince pie. The first warble of Mariah. And your first sip of Hoppy Xmas. Tangy citrus, papaya and pineapple rest on a solid malty base for a merry and bright IPA that’s going to get you feeling all kinds of festive. Like the Big Man himself, Hoppy Xmas only makes a brief appearance every year, so hops to it while you can.


I have had festive beers before, but those were slightly spicy ales and I suspect this is different. All the citrus and fruit stuff from the write-up is off-putting, but I'm still hopeful. Must be leftover Christmas spirit or something.


It smells like the other Brewdog beers I've tried, a bit fruity. It's an amber colour with plenty of bubbles and a decent head on it. It looks pretty good.

The taste is quite bitter, and actually quite pleasant. It doesn't taste fruity at all, and I can feel the 6% alcohol. It does get a bit citrusy as I drink it, but not too strongly though.


4/5 : I like it. I wouldn't want to drink a lot of it, but it is quite a nice beer.

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