Review date: 8th Mar 2024

Brewdog Lost Lager

It's the third Brewdog day of Christmas and it's lager time.


From the website:

This planet first German-style Pilsner is a 4.5% lager brewed using wind power and a third less water. The addition of Spalter Select and Saphir hops combine vibrant citrus and herbal notes for an iconic lager taste that's both crisp and refreshing.


I've not had it before but it's lager, so I'm expecting something light and refreshing. The mention of citrus in the bumph makes me a bit apprehensive, though I'm hoping for something nice.


Not much smell, slightly yeasty. It's a pale yellow, with a fairly foamy head, plenty of bubbles.

Taste is slightly bitter, slightly citrus. Not a very strong taste at all, pretty standard lager.


3/5 : Not good, not bad, perfectly drinkable. If I wanted a lager, this would do the job. I'm just not a big lager fan.

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